South Sudan Artist Association in Ethiopia successfully concluded ‘Tut-kernyang’ peace concert in Gambella, Ethiopia

By Mekonen Tefere

Addis Ababa, February 9, 2015 (SSNA) — The Office of South Sudan Artist Association in Ethiopia (SSAAE) announced to the media that the concert, which was conducted Saturday, 07 February 2015 at Biah Hotel in Gambella Region successfully ended.

The Chairperson for ‘SSAAE’, Mr. Khor Deng Jang (aka ~ Khor DJ) briefed the press after the concert and praised the relationship between South Sudan and Ethiopia. He appreciated the Ethiopian communities in Gambella who help organized the concert and facilitated everything they want during the event.

“I really appreciate the local communities and the government of Ethiopia particularly the Gambella Regional State for allowing us to organize the show,” Khor Deng Jang reiterated.

"The term ‘Tut-kernyang’ means grey-pink bull in Nuer language. This refers to a bull, which was given to Ethiopian elders who visited Ngundeng in Waat" according to Nuer elders who participated in concert.

“The concert attracted more than 5,000 people,” Killany Gatkek Tut one of the musicians added.

Ngundeng Bong is a Nuer prophet who is believed to stay around 1830-1906 in Greater Akobo, Jonglie State, South Sudan.

Nuer believe to have special connection with Ethiopia than any other South Sudanese tribe, a claim which has been told for decades, perhaps centuries by Nuer elders.

Lul Tuach Dojiok (aka ~ LTD) the deputy chairperson of Association amazed by huge turnout. ” We didn’t expect to receive such a huge turnout,” a word he referred to more than 5000 people who attended the concert.

Oral facts indicated that ‘Ngundeng’ gave a bull to Ethiopian elders who came to visit him in his pyramid located in Nyirol County, Jonglie State.

The Association calls upon South Sudan’s warring factions to reach an amicable solution during the next round of talk which is due to take place this month.

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