South Sudan Opposition Parties Welcome Elections cancellation, Condemn Terms Extension

Juba, February 16, 2015 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s National Alliance (NA), a South Sudanese political block which comprised of at least fourteen different political parties, has welcomed the suspension of 2015 general elections initially scheduled by South Sudan’s National Elections Commission to take place on the 30th of June this year.

In its official statement obtained by the South Sudan news Agency, the NA said it welcomes government’s decision to postpone elections and reveals that it has been lobbying for the annulment of elections and that it has also launched a legal challenge against the conduct of elections.

“The government [has] announced on Friday that it was recalling Parliament on Tuesday the 17th instant so as to amend the Constitution in order to extend the terms of office of the President and Parliament for two more years as from the 9th of July 2015; this decision has proved beyond doubt that this government is only concerned about continuing in power by all means,” the statement reads in part.

The NA criticizes government’s decision to extend its own terms, arguing that the decision violates the constitution and does not represents any democratic value.

“The hullabaloo about elections had nothing to do with upholding democratic values but all about getting the legitimacy through fake elections to continue hanging to power; no government in a democratic state has power to extend its own life! Otherwise, if this were to be the case, sitting governments would have continued in power through extending their term of office ad infinitum,” it added.

The announcement comes just days after South Sudanese government annulled the elections.

The joint – statement is signed by Dr. Lam Akol – Chairman of the SPLM-DC, Komelio Kon Ngu – Chairman of NUDF, Sebastian Uchan Kich – Chairman of the UDF, Abdalla Deng Nhial – Chairman of PCP, Paskalina Philip – Chairperson of SDAN, krumah Anai Kelueljang – Chairman of SSNYP, Andrew Philipson Abili – Acting Chairman of NJMP, Santino K. Anyieth – Deputy Chairman of PURE, Ismail Suleiman Saeed – CPSS central committee member, martin Aligo Abe – Secretary general of UDP, Abbas Bullen Ajalla – Secretary General of UDSF-M, Badit Dak Wie – Secretary General of SSD-Front, Juma Saeed Worju – Secretary General of SSNP, and Peter Lomude Francis – Representative of USSP.

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