An Open Letter to patriot South Sudanese and Salva Kiir

By Zechariah James Machar

March 19, 2015 (SSNA) — Dear Patriot citizens and nationals of South Sudan, I dedicated this letter in order to educate the people who were less-informed about South Sudan’s conflict and how we shamefully disgraced ourselves when we chose to be led by the deceiver Salva Kiir. In this Open letter, I will demonstrate why Salva Kiir does not deserve to continue being the country’s president. The self-claim president Salva kiir Mayardit gave a deceitful speech on Saturday, March 14/2015 at a political function at which he briefed members of his government on the outcome of the last round of talk in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On his speech he said;

I did not kill anybody to become president

It is widely believed that in every society there must be a leader who is mandated to take care of the community concerns. Salva Kiir being the representative of South Sudan means he must accept responsibility for every action occurred in the country. A leader is a person who takes the leads in blame situation rather than credit.

Mr. President you don’t have to be physically involved in the killing of Nuer or the shooting of Wau demonstrators to be a murderer. It is about sitting and watching your men discriminately killing the citizens they supposed to protect. In 2012 you willingly instructed General Paul Malong Awan to recruit militias known by the name “Gelweng” from greater Bhar El Ghazal states. This particular militia group was the leading actors of Juba’s Nuer Massacre which began on the 15th of December 2013.

Before Nuer Genocide was the event in which your men fire live bullets at a demonstration held by Wau’s residents in December 2012; the reason for the killing was because Wau locals protested your proposal to relocate Wau town to Bagari.

Nor did I impose myself

Mr. President you had been forcing yourself on South Sudanese since 2004 when you were jail by Dr. John Garang. It was Dr. Machar who convinced the movement chairperson to drop his accusation for peace’s sake; it was him who persuaded Dr. John Garang that you did not intent to defect by conducting a series of consultation that resulted in Rumbek conference. Recalling back May 9th 2014 agreement, you! Mr. President officially broadcasted an unforgettable statement solidly saying; “I’m the president of South Sudan and I must always remain in that position as the president; the leader of that country.” Click on this link to see the video: 

Mr. President how can you rectify a wide spread statement that is witnessed by a millions of people? It is simple you just helped the World to accurately interpret your desire to remain in power. It has been a common habit of African’s leaders to leave the Presidential Palace to coffin but unfortunately we apologize that South Sudan will never be rule by a dictator.

People Voted for me to become their president

How could Sudan’s vice president claim presidency of an independent state of South Sudan? When was the independency of South Sudan? And when was the latest election held in South Sudan?

I would have answered all of these questions but I will leave my friend Mr. Riang Yer Zuor Nyak to lecture you the details on how Salva Kiir attacked on his own Legitimacy claim.

Link for Riang’s Article:

But as a tip, Salva kiir occupied the presidency by chance and he wrote his resignation letter to the people of South Sudan in the night of December 15th/2013.

I am not power hungry and not interested in power acquired through killing and destruction.

Mr. President, it was because of your love of power that you frequently postponed to convene a meeting of the Sudan’s people liberation movement (SPLM) party’s highest executive organ, the Political Bureau in fear of losing the candidacy of the party in the country’s 2015 general election. Mr. President the civil population noticed that the former SPLM secretary general Pagan Amum and his deputy Anne Itto had spent time trying to persuade you to accept the call for SPLM Political Bureau meeting. Mr. President if you are not after power why did you draw redlines to any proposal that interrogate your position as the president of South Sudan in June 2014. Mr. President if you are not for killing and destruction, why you did invited Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF), JEM, and SPLM-N to exterminate your people and demolish your own country?

Many People among you know that

Mr. President, after going through your previous speeches, I personally found it strenuous to accept the fact that you are sincere in every speech you give whether it was in the past, present or future. Mr. President, it is obvious that there was no veracity on your latest briefing to the members of your government when you blamelessly said; “I did not kill anybody to become the president nor did I impose myself. People voted for me to become their president. I am not power hungry and not interested in power acquired through killing and destruction. Many people among you know that.”

Link to confirm:

Dear compatriot South Sudanese, as you can see how deceitful Salva kiir is what is going to be your TAKEAWAY MESSAGE to your community and friends? Are you going to ignore this Open letter because of your tribal domination? Or you are going to help spreading this message to aware the world about Salva Kiir’s behavior in South Sudan. It’s up to you to decide. Sometime people die rectifying national issues when other dies on the fact that they are isolated from community due to their person searching (Selfishness).

South Sudan is for all and All for South Sudan!

Long live South Sudan.!
Long live citizens and nationals of South Sudan.! 

Zechariah James Machar is a political activist and the SPLM Youth League Chapter Secretary General in Egypt you can reach him through [email protected]. The view expressed in this Open letter does not reflect my political position as the Chapter Secretary of SPLM-YL in Egypt but my personal view.

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