The lives of Murle is more valuable than that of wildlife

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

March 22, 2015 (SSNA) — The Murle tribe who are popularly famous of bravery and unity among themselves in their sub-clans of greater Pibor administrative Area (GPAA) and who also suffered in the hands of Dinka Bor community are today going to keep suffering economically and psychologically in the same hands If they will continue to watch and give a gaze at those wolves.

According to Michael Makuei Lueth, who save as the mouthpiece in King Salva’s palace said that the continuous construction of the Girkidi-Pibor road would have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem and wildlife in the park.

Lueth said the ministers’ decision was made following a recommendation from the minister of interior and wildlife conversation, Aleu Ayieny Aleu.

The council of ministers suspended the construction of the road after it was discovered the route passed through Bandingilo National Park, located on the eastern bank of the Nile River.

Who were the ministers, and how were they so blind that they felt short to envision the transformation Girkidi road will bring to people of GPAA?

The road which link central Equatoria and Greater Pibor Administration Areas shouldn’t be constructed until further notice from the government. Saying the users of the road will affect the wild animals inhabiting those areas in the long run.

Makuei wanted to tannish away the little cohesion and recent peace that the people of Golgothin the mighty Murle wan to enjoy.

By the orders that led to closure of Girkidi-Pibor road, the Murle community should not just send youths to protest for 1 hour, but the elders and the leaders of the community of all the Murle sections should confront the President to call off the decision made on tribal basis by Puppet Michael Makuei and the unknown council of ministers.

My fellow South Sudanese where in this world will you fine a human being compare to animals and money? It’s happened only in south Sudan and it’s done by the people who won’t let other people prosper and experience changes.

Murle are human beings and there will be no single day a human life will be more valueless than that of an antelopes. The road should continue to be constructed so that all valuable goods and services reach the needy on time.

On contrary President Kiir Government wanted to dishonor the recent peace agreement signed between the cobra faction and the government in Addis Ababa. And this came to be crystal clear went Michael Makuei who has nothing to do with Road, bridges and transportation jump and grabs the orders into his own mouth by announcing his filthy utters that eventually led to the shutting down of that meaningful road.

Dinka Bor Particularly should refrain from their culture of envy, hatred, selfishness, wickedness, supremacy, jealousy and other bitter things they are well known for against other communities in South Sudan for all communities deserved to be treated equally.

Bor community also shouldn’t be green eyes over the Murle who are prospering bit by bit on their daily basis, Murle tribe need more time to heal the wounds you have Causes because of your cruelty and domination. They need peace, love, development, unity and among others.

My people, Murle were drag to all types of hostility, sorrows, grief, starvation, death and isolation. They live a miserly life for five good years as if they were not part of this country and this was artificially designed in Bor by the cohorts who want to bewitch them went it’s should be their time to enjoy. God Forbid.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit should not relax seeing wolves tannish his almost gone legacy, Makuei Lueth should be Fire and sack for peace to prevail in south Sudan and Kuol Manyang Juuk also should be relieve from his place for he is behind the suffering of Murle since 2008 up to today date and also his involvement to recruits Jie tribe to have differences with their brothers the Murle.

The two national ministers who hail from greater Bor want to repeat the 2010 incident of envy and drag the Murle back to this senseless war impose on south Sudanese after they have failed from all the necessary process to make the Murle attack the greater Lou Nuer Areas. 

Too bad to depend on others for manpower when you cannot defense   your own eyes from the bite of Tsetse Fly.

Whereas, it’s up to Bor as community at large to let the sleeping dog lie or else the Mighty Bothotnya, Titi and Lango will deal with them in the short period of time if they won’t give a pause to their jealousy.

I have spoken my words and may gods of the land hear my voice…

South Sudanese need peace now not tomorrow

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a writer and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through [email protected] Skype Cde. Sirir

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