Editorial: Looming Corruption in the Ministry of Roads and Bridges

By John Samuel

Boum Makur: A Civil Engineer at the Ministry of Roads and Bridges

Juba, April 8, 2015 (SSNA) — It is embarrassing to assign a Civil Engineer with inadequate experiences and without proper academic qualification to supervise the construction of roads in (4) four states of Bahr el Ghazal region. Boum Makur has entrenched a strong Criminal networking in the Ministry of Roads and Bridges. It is advisable to investigate corruption established by this self-proclaimed Consultant Engineer. Everyone is disappointed to see this looming corruption in this useful infrastructure Ministry. Government is wasting million of USD to maintain the roads in Bhar el Ghazal yearly.

It was reported that the Managing Director of Eyat for Roads and Bridges purchased a gorgeous house in Omdurman to a functional illiterate called Boum Andrew Makur. The cost of this beautiful building is two Million USD as bribery to him.Eyat also authorized his resident Engineers in Wau to building seven storey building as a part of deal. The reliable sources in Eyat for Road and Bridges revealed to us that Boum was given more than Forty Five Millions South Sudanese Pounds to issue “Fictitious Certificates of Completion” to Eyat. To offer or provide payment in order to persuade someone with a responsibility to betray that responsibility is known as seeking Undue influence over that person’s actions. When someone with power seeks payment in exchange for certain actions, that person is said to be peddling influence. Regardless of who initiates the deal, both parties to an act of bribery can be found guilty of the crime independently of the other.The Ministry of Road and Bridges has constitutional obligation to sue the so called Eng Boum Makur and Eyat for Road and Bridges to the Court of Law. The engineering design and building of these four houses in Juba cost Eyat 23,000,000 SSP.

It is also imperative to understand that Boum was seriously involved in Wau International Airport scandal with Briefcase Company of Adim Adim. It was reported that Eight (8) Land Cruiser V8 and Thirty Million South Sudanese Pounds were handed over to Boum Makur as bribery to facilitate the process of Contract with Ministry of Transport. I am urging the leadership of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to review the contract specifications of the Wau international airport and take a necessary legal action against the culprits. We can provide the Ministry with all authenticate documents.

Africa Kongdai Roads, Bridges and Investment Co.Ltd was supposed to construct 153 kilometers road from Aweil – Aroyo. Eng Boum and the Managing Director Lual Aguer agreed to turn this contractor to 320 kilometers. I am urging the legal adviser in the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to reactivate the case and bring these criminals to justice.

The Ministry of Roads and Bridges should investigate the criminal activities of Eng Boum Makur and imprison him. He is tarnishing the image of out Ministry.

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