Tribalism in the Broken Institution system of South Sudan

By: Philemon Daud Tom

April 13, 2015 (SSNA) — It is not a surprise to characterize South sudan as failed State. The party of “Oyee” instituted by weak and visionless leaders that lead the state from enthusiasm of nation building to the nation collapse. Leaders of the SPLM collectively failed to govern the nation because of their attitudes of hatred mentality, internal violence, corruption, tribalism, and they can no longer deliver peace, unity, and positive political goods to the country and unity of the people of South Sudan. President Kiir as head of “Oyee” party run out of leadership styles and national responsibilities, principles, visions of the SPLM to govern the nation and lose legitimacy to rule the country since he use the behaviours of revenge attitude to target Nuer and massacred civilians, children and women voted for him.

The nature of the nation institution become illegitimate, fragmented, dysfunction in the eyes and in the hearts of the citizens of South Sudan. President Kiir is controlling the nation by emotion, revenge attitudes, anger and divisive language. Emotion is a characteristic of unintelligent leader, revenge attitudes is a principle of disunity, angry behaviour is sign of weakness, and divisive language is sign of immaturity and lack of communication methods to communicate the message to the people. I believe SPLM leaders have to be blame for tribalism, corruption, nation collapse and jeopardize the live of generation to come and founded the nation values with divisive policies and hatred that will not be easily terminate.

Kiir government is well known by tribalism promotion projects and corrupted the pride of the nationality and channel the national resources to sponsor hatred, division, killings, discrimination and established a one man rule institution system that become an obstacle to change into democratic process. Kiir government failed to deliver a desirable political transformation and failed to provide predictable, recognizable, systematized methods of adjudicating disputes within the party of “Oyee” and completely run out of political understanding to regulate both the the culture of the party and leadership structure.

Referendum was the hope and great expectations of the people of South Sudan across the nations and inspire them to come home to begin a new live and contribute on rebuilding the broken wall of our beloved country and create a better future for our children and generation to come but SPLM as visionless and hateful leaders turn upside down the hope of the people into nightmare of fear, depression, lamination and tear. Time has come for every woman and man of South Sudan to rethink and stop dividing themselves into tribal lines and join hands together to confront SPLM leaders under Kiir for their acts of evil, foolishness, greediness, jealousies and weakness to lead country into this senseless war. The SPLM party will never bring peace and unity of the people of South Sudan because they failed to translate the vision of taking development to the people and continue busy implementing the policies of divide and conquer.

The people of South sudan have the right to wage war against corrupted institution, wrong leaders and form a collective voice of change and advocate for the absence of positive political attitude that implies codes and procedures that together constitute enforceable rule of law, security of the citizens, independent judicial system, and the values that legitimize the government to run the public affairs without labeling other citizens as outsider.

South Sudanese were falsely expecting that after the independent South sudan will be a democratic country that enable citizen to participate freely, openly, and fully in politics and the political process which encompasses the essential freedoms of right to compete for any office without intimidation, fear and the right to support the national interest and regional political institutions. But all these freedoms was become a wishful thinking because Kiir government for ten years developed a master plan to destroy hope of the people and established a tribalism constitution which identified citizens by tribes instead of national identity.

No doubt South Sudan institution is completely broken and tribalism is become the only mechanism to grap the power. Qualification doesn’t work in Kiir government policies.To apply for a public jobs in South sudan you must make sure to mention your ethnic group on the top of your resum’e in order to get hired otherwise no one care of you being qualified. As result of Kiir failed institution many citizens from unrepresented tribes falsely changed their names into Deng, Gatkouth or Wani simply to get a job in South Sudan, your credential and qualification doesn’t value any more, they scrutinize you with so many intimidating questions. Where were you in the times of liberation? And who do you know in our government? What a nation is South Sudan? I come to understand that the rise of tribalism in broken Kiir government institution completely killed the pride of nationality and tribalism become the identity of the nation.

The government of South Sudan is the enemy of peace and harmony live of diversity and systematically isolated the intellectual citizens that suppose to contribute highly in the development process of nation building. Those who think that kiir government is working for the benefit of all, I can prove them wrong because based on the government performance indicate that the SPLM system made to punish whoever dream to be something in South sudan and reward only the individual that called themselves a liberators though they have no clue about the process of nation building. What they know is just the claim of we are the liberators but they fail to translate liberation dreams and visions into action.

The citizens that are standing with Kiir in the name of false legitimacy they need to refresh their mind. They should know that the government of south Sudan failed to bring sixty four tribes together and aggressively silence whoever speaks about the truth and future of south sudan. We should not help Kiir and his failed SPLM elites to escape accountability and justice for destruction that they have brought into our country. We must stand together as people of South Sudan to confront the evil policies of Juba government of making us a hopeless people in the face of the world. Change happen when we stand together with the purpose of ending a dictatorial rule imposed on us. 

I believe the rise of tribal council of elders in the broken institution system destroy the entire policies of the government and the live of the people of South sudan. Nation no longer govern by constitution of the country but by the influence of tribal council of elders and the whole citizens are left with the state of confusion and supporting the very government that systematically denying their right as citizens and subjecting the country into useless civil war.

Tribalism affected the whole government institutions such as education system, military institution, police institution, tribalism is a cancer that need to be uprooted and treated properly, tribalism kills the desires and hope of South sudanese who have a capacity to transform south sudan into functional country.

Education institution in South sudan completely broken and produce only future tribal leaders because students have no longer taught about the importance of nationality. The government allow students to practice and establish tribal based organizations within the higher education institution namely colleges and universities. They grow up with the mentality of tribalism pride and it will be hard for the country to produce a convicted national leader with clear understanding, dreams, visions and knowledge of building a strong undivided south Sudan.

The government of South sudan under Kiir leadership fail to nationalize education institution and jeopardize the next generation by institutionalizing the country education system into ethnic proudness. The practice of tribalism in universities symbolizes failures of the nation policies to adapt the pride of nationalism and invest on future national leaders. I emphasize on the broken education system because education is a bridge that can carry us to greatness, role model for our nation and the responsibility of each one of us to protect the national interest than tribal interest.

Kiir is no longer a legitimate president; his hand is full of blood of innocent women and children of South Sudan. He (Kiir) run the country by emotion, revenge attitudes, divided policies and single out people with vision to make South Sudan as economic center as enemies. We the people of South Sudan should understand that SPLM is become a bloodshed party and never unified us no more. To bring unity among the people of South Sudan we must first join our hands to hang SPLM party on the wall of museums as future reference otherwise I may predict the difficult journey still ahead of us if SPLM party continues to be a ruling party.

The author of article resides in Canada and can be reached by [email protected].

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