Liech Community Association in Egypt’s press statement on its 2015 fundraising

Press release
Friday, May 08, 2015

Subject: The report of 2015 Lich fundraising campaign in Egypt

Cairo, May 10, 2015 (SSNA) — People fundraise for various reasons but most of them agree on raising fund to support a cause that inspired them. Likewise the board of Bentiu community in Egypt was convinced by the fact that the community members are in desperate need of financial and social support, especially after the outbreak of December 15/2013 South Sudan’s conflict.

In many other countries where there is peace, community members pay sufficient amount of money as their monthly contribution to support the community projects, but in the third world countries in which the state of South Sudan belongs, people expect to receive more than they give to their community’s body due to their scarce income (poverty).

Base on that very reason, we the administration of Bentiu community association in Egypt thought of finding a solution to these crises and that is when we came up with the idea of creating Lich Reserve Ration and Lich Students Aid-box.

Lich Reserve Ration is a fortune reserve to supply families that are facing delay or shortage of;

a) Monthly house rent
b) Emergency medical treatment expenses
c) And other expenses

Lich Students Aid-Box focuses on students’ enquiries such as;

a) Institutional tuition fees
b) And other special concerns.

This particular Aid-box may expand depending on the available amount of money it has.

Before extending to Lich fundraising report’s details, Bentiu community executive committee would kindly like to convey sincere gratitude to Rev. Simon Tor Jal, who grants his prayer hall for the community fundraising campaign. Thank you very much for making the Lich fundraising campaign possible. 

Lich fundraising Campaign took place on Friday, April 10th /2015 at 2:00pm at Saint Andrews Church.

Link to the Fundraising event:

Conducted by:

1)  Peter Riek Nguany Gatchang – The fundraising Chairman.
2) Roselina Nyataba John Kuong – The fundraising Secretary general
3) Majong Bahnguot Najang – The fundraising Finance
4) Nyawich Monytuil Wijang – The Fundraising Vice Finance
5) Michael Gatguat Tap Gatluak – Program and Community Information
6) Both Gatluak Manyang – Program Security Chief
7) Jal Mayiel Lok Bol – The fundraising program representative
8) Lieb Gatnor Tap Chuol – The fundraising program representative
9) Debora Nyaluak Chiok Mathiang– The fundraising program representative

With the assistance of;

1) Zechariah James Machar – Program Logo designer and projector man
2) Toch Maet Latjor Lulhok – Projector man backer
3) Riak Gieng Koang – BCAE chairman and the program observer
4) Mama Angelina Malual Dak – former chairperson of BCAE women and program motivator 
5) Nyagai Toang Nhial – Program and community social affair secretary

On behave of all the members of Bentiu community association in Arabic Republic of Egypt; we would like to inform you that we really appreciate your unfailing attention to detail. With all the last minute snags, we worried that something would fall through cracks but you anticipated every contingency. Several participants commented on how well you had organized the event. We are fortunate to have you donate your time and money on occasions like this. 


The event was attended by three hundred audiences (300) including the leaders of South Sudanese churches, community and other organizations’ representatives. In the attendance list were;

1) Rev. James Manyang Gai – Chairperson of South Sudanese Presbyterian Church in Egypt
2) Rev. Simon Tor JalEvangelical Lutheran Church of Sudan/ South Sudan in Egypt
3) Rev. John Yien Ruach Wiu – Presbyterian Church pastor – Nuer congregation in Egypt
4) Rev. James Duop Mahbitouch – Presbyterian Church pastor – Renk, South Sudan congregation
5) Evangelist. Peter Ramadan ManassehEvangelical Lutheran Church of Sudan/ South Sudan in Egypt
6) Mr. Gatkuoth Kim Both – Chairman of Nuer Community in Egypt
7) Mrs. Martha Nyalam Lual – Chairperson of Nuer Women group in Egypt
(Currently replaced by Elizabeth Nyakong Simon – former Bentiu Community Chairperson)
8) Mr. O’Chan Jok Reath – Nuer Community chiefs’ representative
9) Mrs. Jany John Kuok – Chairperson of Bentiu Women in Egypt
10) Mr. Lam Ney Chuol – Nuer Students Chairman in Egypt
11) Mr. Kang Gatkuoth Kang – Secretary General of SPLM-IO chapter in Egypt
12) Mr. Sirir Gabriel Yie – Chairman of SPLM Youth League chapter in Egypt 

Bentiu community association sincerely appreciates your present in our midst. With your great contributions you have left a wonderful legacy.

With the participation of all the Nuer sub-communities leaders and their members; beginning with;

1) Riak Gieng Koang – Bentiu Community Association; the Event organizer
2) Tet Rang Teny – Gajaak Community Association; participant
3) Gatkuoth Malow Nyot– Lou-Nuer community Association; participant
(Currently replaced by Michael Wal Ngouth)
4) Peter Beliu Makuach – Fangak Community Association; participant
5) Simon Changkuoth Ruai – Naser Community Association; participant
6) Daniel Keak Makuach – Cie-lang (Ulang) community Association; participant

Thank you for coming with all your members….

In extreme satisfaction the administration of Bentiu community association in Arab Republic of Egypt under the supervision of Mr. Riak Gieng Koang is here to express her deepest appreciation to all the Diaspora donors who did not hesitate to wire their contributions to show their firm support. Amongst the Lich fundraising exile contributors are;

1) Mr. Gatwang Boum Manguot – residing in Australia from Bentiu
2) Mr. Deng Elijah Hon Top – residing in Canada from Phou
3) Mrs. Daya Batim Moses – residing in Canada from Lou-nuer
4) Mr. Chuol Machar Gai Deng – residing in Italy from Bentiu
5) Mr. Thomas Wakow Yak – residing in the United Kingdom from Naser
6) Mr. Chuol Dugak Lieth – residing in USA from Ulang
7) Mr. Dhel Gatluak Jourchol – residing in USA from Bentiu
8) Mr. Nhial Riek Gai – residing in Canada from Gajaak

Other contributors requested the community to keep their name anonymous despite the community intent to display the full contributors’ list as a good gesture of high recognition for the generous contributions demonstrated by our people in various parts of the world. The chairman of Bentiu community, Mr. Riak Gieng Koang, and his vice chairperson, Rebecca Nyachan John has expressed their gratitude for your generosity. Once again thanks you!

Last but not the least, we thank each and everyone who turned out, physically or virtually, to support the event. Without your support and guidance, we won’t have achieved this magnificent milestone, especially at a time when our blood is dripping everywhere across the country. We, therefore, pledge in return to put this fund in the right projects to transform lives of our vulnerable people to strengthen our overall growth and prosperity. For having entrusted our leadership, we here forth pledge to continue in these footprints to enlighten our people and continue providing these services here in Cairo and beyond. Once again, accept our warmest heartfelt gratitude.

Thanks you all in advance!


Signed by:

Riak Gieng Koang Goah – BCAE Chairman
Zechariah James Machar – BCAE Secretary General
For more information please contact the organizers through: [email protected]
Cell phone numbers: +20 112-360-2899 / +20 122-925-9650 / +20 114-887-9177
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  • Mayiel Riak
    June 28, 2017 2:01 pm

    Congratulation to you Liech community. you have done a job and your mission and vision will actually forward you to being a good community and, you will be a peace makers when people would see God.


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