An interview with Mr. Kuajien Lual Wechtuor, the SPLM/SPLA Representative to Germany

Date: 22.05.2015

Re: CONTRA, New York Interview with Mr. Kuajien Lual Wechtuor, SPLM/SPLA Representative to Germany

May 27, 2015 (SSNA) — Mainly concerning your defection, what points in the conflict made you rethink your allegiances for SPLM/SPLA-IO?

There are so many points explaining why I lost contact with dictator & tribal regime and automatically switched allegiance to the country’s revolutionary Resistance movement led by South Sudan’s former Vice President, Chairman and Commander – in – Chief of SPLM/SPLA Dr. Riek Machar Teny:

1. It came to my attention that Salva Kiir caused the war & indeed lost legitimacy as a result of killing 20,000 innocents voters/people in Juba and subsequent handing over the country sovereignty to Uganda, which its army used Cluster bombs against civilians;

2. I took this step following the failure of Salva Kiir’s rotten government to uphold democracy and respect for human rights and rule of law, which triggered the intense and brutal violence that targeted specific groups the Nuer tribe in Juba & currently Shilluk in Malakal. The violence in Juba that targeted one nationality, the Nuer and the continuation of waging unjust war using foreign armies (UPDF, JEM, SPLA-N…) and atrocities by Kiir forces against innocent civilians in the country had indeed touched me.

3. Salva Kiir refused to discuss the reforms needed to democratize the system, he instead conspired the violence that ethnically cleaned Juba of its Nuer population as a mean for his (Kiir’s) tribal dictatorship tendency consolidation. I had unambiguously noted that Kiir’s ethnic targeting intention and effect was to divide the civil populations along ethnic lines, to destroy the middle ground that bind them, thereby to polarize the people and the country. I therefore rejected terrorist, murderous and divisive dic-regime.

4. The War was imposed on South Sudanese: I was government official & true leader, unlike cowards and uninformed bread and butter seekers those sucking Salva Kiir, I, together with Freedom fighters, nationalists and resistance movement leaders bowed to fight back to defense the innocents from ethnic cleansing & S.Sudan territorial integrity;

However, I was quickly moved by the suffering of our people as a result of Salva Kiir’s poor economic planning and implementation, insecurity, setting up tribe against tribe, ethicized corruption, tribalism and ethicization of government, international law and Foreign policy (nonintervention doctrine) violation, grave human rights violations and bizarre humanitarian situation that our people are then immensely arbitrarily subjected.

(a) Peace & failure of peace negotiations, what missteps and successes have been claimed by both warring parties? (b) Kiir and Machar, have changed their attitudes?

a) Peace Negotiation: the international community failed obstructed by Africans Union.

i) Missteps by parties:

1. There is no any misstep by SPLM/A-IO but only that SPLM/A-IO committed to peaceful resolution – a permanent peace other than fully fighting the Dinka elders’ war.

2. Kiir groups never negotiated in good faith but been buying time while fully fighting the war; buying lethal weapons to gain military solution which is a mere dream, despite 50 years he could fight; Salva Kiir sold the nation to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni for power lust; Kiir regime sign any agreement with prior consultation of & approval by Museveni; therefore, the political independence and territorial integrity of South Sudan is invaded.

ii) Success by parties – Peace blocked since March 6, 2015 by Dinka Elders council – no success claimed sofar, although Bona M. believed that blocking peace is a success:

1. No success at all at the side of Salva Kiir:

(a) Economics collapse at his door – dollar against tribal government and looters is eating the heads of looters – mercenaries will be running away and likely their master run after them naked and disbanded;

(b) the remaining operating Upper Nile Oil Fields is about to be shutdown by the people movement for the people, other than buying foreigners to die unaccounted in our land;

2. Without peace, SPLM/SPLA is able to dismantle Salva Kiir and install Federal and democratic governance system; our forces are becoming stronger as able as shutting down Oil Fields – cutting Salva Kiir throat so no more breathing with money but hunger.

b) Change of attitudes

i) Salva Kiir and his tribal blood thirsty had never change because he think he had a guns, he can kill but cannot dies; he thought he has Ugandan Iron army, JEM & SPLA-N (Sudan rebels) a bloodless as money as papers to discard without accountability; He exploit the silent of justice by international community and AU in particular in deferring AU commission of inquiry on South Sudan crisis’s report from publication. He will never change until world know him as dictator criminal who committed genocides & executed.

ii) Dr. Machar is a leader and peace lover. Without him, IGAD peace attempt would have been impossible, S. Sudan would have been a blood bathing Pools of East African nations since Yowery Museveni and Salva Kiir wanted every each nation add its bloods.

How Germany’s current politics relates to South Sudan and behaved with it? This is really more background information on your role in Germany and what Germany has done with South Sudan over the past few years. 

South Sudan has been in a longtime international isolation due to poor international relation prompted by Salva Kiir tribal diplomatic representation. The concern of Western and democracies nations is the same: they are not interesting in killings, dictatorships, ethnic rivalry, wars, human rights abuses, crimes, corruption and poverty – the characters of Salva Kiir regime. Germany & its organizations have been and still doing great works in different capacities, for example, education – I first came to Germany as DAAD Public Policy and Good Governance Scholar – so the war got me here; promote Agriculture, peace projects, developmental sector, etc.

I would not interfere to guess the current politics and how Germany behaves with South Sudan. What I discover is that Germany is not informed about South Sudan current war, crimes committed and the extent of economic and lives downturn because South Sudan illegitimate government has been much lying, albeit the opposition is not a substitute of government worldwide.  

How the (a) conflict has progressed and your (b) own concerns and thoughts on the road to the conflict and the road to peace?

a) Conflict progress: the only progress is that:

Salva Kiir have been applying unconventional war styles: using cluster bombs on SPLA-IO in densely populated areas; planted mines –Nasir, Ayod etc: killing children, women and elderly people; burning every village which come into their control – recently GUN;

Furthermore, South Sudanese are realizing & now uniting against Salva Kiir tribal machine. Gen.Olony joined war against Kiir – if no peace; definitely it will be downfall of Salva Kiir.

b) Road to peace and conflict:

1. Peace is a solution and effective reunion of the divided S.S. people. For good peace, the Troika and UN Security Council should push AU to make public the African Union’s Commission of Inquiries on South Sudan crisis report on atrocities committed against 20,000 innocent unarmed civilians cleansed in Juba (Dec.15-18,2013) & recent in GUN.

2. International community and Troika countries (US, UK and Norway) must take direct participation in IGAD-Plus to play vital roles in making sure that peace return to the country in a very short period possible to avert the suffering of South Sudan people.

3. Salva Kiir regime has not only mismanaging the country’s wealth on buying lethal weapons and mercenaries to fully implement genocide, although evidently failed and ready going to hell and doom, but committing genocides; the International community should design and regard Salva Kiir regime a terrorist and dictator organization. 

4. International community and IGAD-Plus should be mindful of and avoid fooling South Sudanese that they are making peace for them, when Museveni is a peace player and at the same time the Gunner-the gunship of Salva Kiir. At least Ugandan army and Sudanese rebels should be ordered out from South Sudan, so that Salva Kiir continues pursuing war of ethnic cleansings with only his tribal militia and Dinka elders’ council. Without this action, I believe there shall be no peace & resource, since Salva Kiir’s hope is to buying more Africans & die for his dictatorship empire, paying them death royalties.

5. Sanction and arm embargo should be imposed on Salva Kiir government and individuals those obstructing peace, cooked the ethnic cleansing coup that triggered the war, committed genocide and war crimes (that should include cluster bombs users and landmines planters). If not then UN got South Sudan war and it solution very wrong. In addition, the Oil revenues should be managed by a special fund, thus to feed the hungry and provide food and medicines to the millions displaced persons in UN mission camps across the country, those who are living rough in the bushes without any assistance and foreign refugee camps. Failing peace and this option, SPLM/SPLA (IO) is determined to protect South Sudan natural resources and its people from foreign traders’ army and weapons.

What do you think of 1991 and today civil war, any links?

There is no links between 2013 civil war and 1991 chaos at all. Its dictator Salva Kiir, and Dinka Elders’ Council the enemy of peace’s fabrication to rally Dinka community behind him. In 1991 it was a movement against Sudan’s oppressive regime which it ideological objective was in question caused division; Separatists (independent South Sudan) led by Dr. Machar and Dr. Lam Akol backed by all South Sudanese versus Unionists (one Sudan) led by Dr. John Garang, the coned SPLM/A Dinka movement.

In the process of disintegration of two factions (1991) and in 1984/5 many innocent civilians killed from Gaajak, Lou Nuer, Fangak & Bentiu Nuer in one hand and Bor Dinka on other hand. Kiir’s 1991 song is sole responsibility of Kuol Manyang Juuk, late George Athor, Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, Dr. John Garang and himself whose forces resorted to the killing of innocent Nuer repeatedly. White army were innocent outraged because of Kuol Manyang and George Athor attempted to burn down Greater Lou Nuer where they had indeed invaded Yuai; killing Nuer indiscriminately, putting sticks in the genital organs of women and children. Later white army made revenge on forces in Bor. Thus, question would remain the sole responsibility of the aggressors, the notorious Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang and George Athor. If he is revenging 1991, his 15,000 Gelweng (rescue president) would have been chosen Gelbor (revengeBor) from Dinka Bor or Gelnuer (revengeNuer) from Nuer the victims of 1991 to revenge on him, Juuk or SPLM/A.

For current war, Salva Kiir a president of an independent nation South Sudan admitted, he ordered Nuer cleansing, “cleans Juba of its Nuer population to revenge his, Athor and Juuk’s 1991 killings in Jonglei on both Nuer and Dinka Bor, and Gaajak massacre in 1984/5. Why only Salva Kiir and Dinka elders investing in 1991, when Nuer forgets and forgives 1991 and 1894/5 Gaajak Nuer massacre? Kiir’s government also taken revenge on & terrorize Murle, Fertit, Mádis, Shilluk and Morus now, had any of these tribes killed Dinka in 1991 too?

I think he will also revenge 2013’s 20,000 Nuer he killed in Juba on who we don’t know yet but might be on Equatorians or Dinka next time on a pretext he will concoct simply to hold on power, to get another transitional government by causing another civil war (in 2018). However, Salva Kiir imposed this tribal war on people simply to divide South Sudanese into them and us, so thence he get full support from Dinka community by capitalizing on revenge for Dinka, although he explicitly failed.

It’s alleged that SPLA-IO leadership is divided, military commanders & Dr. Machar are at difference, the commanders wanted war and Dr. Machar pursues peace?

There is no any difference exist, only an enemy’s wishful thinking circulating that far wishing SPLM/SPLA-IO divided. Dr. Machar is a peace role model, since if without him there shall be no IGAD peace talks because Salva Kiir only dreams in a war victory less he will likely ripens. The leadership is united and strong. Unlike terrorist Salva Kiir regime, SPLM/A-IO under Chairman and Commander -in-Chief Dr. Machar wanted and believed in peaceful resolution of South Sudan crisis that is why we go no offensive.

How do you see the roles of UN in protecting IPDs in its Camps in South Sudan? UN declared that IDPs be relocated to rebels held areas, e.g. Akobo, Leer, Fangak and Pagak, what is SPLM/SPLA-IO position?

UN is a byproduct of the failed League of Nations. It has everything to do for civilians and a country that has fallen into its darkest days, like South Sudan. Without UNs, innocent Nuer in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu, and Shilluk in Malakal and Melut these days would no longer exist given the rate of Salva Kiir forces’ terror. Its UN’s foundation and core objective to protect civilians from danger that is threatening lives, South Sudan is not exceptional, its part and parcel part of UN from its birth hitherto.

SPLM/A-IO is a peoples’ resistance movement which cause was for defense of innocent people. We welcome the UN’s IDPs relocation resolution to Akobo, Pagak, Fangak and Leer. It noted that IDPs put up in a floodable environment and in concentration camps subject to Salva Kiir’s terrorism activities. IDPs have been on daily basis abducting, raping, torturing and brutal killing outside the camps by Salva Kiir forces. Some camps have been subject to an intentional attack and bombardment by Salva Kiir forces. UNs agencies face the work links side effects. Hence human being cannot be allowed to suffer, live under severe humiliations and unjust captivity when UNs knows its roles.

I would fall short to praise UN in regard to nonintervention doctrine and sovereignty of member states, what make UN silent on South Sudan political independence and territorial integrity violation by Uganda? UN Charter is clear here; “no intervention into any other country’s domestic affairs by another country allow, unless on UN’s order after fact finding committee or when the member state requested intervention from UN if she failed to protect its citizens in effect of genocide and other serious crime under international law.” All these two justifications for military intervention are subject to UN’s sole authorization.

If UN today is silent on South Sudan, I would question the UN’s legal and core values existence. Thus, I would say that South Sudanese peoples’ suffering in the hand of terrorist regime war is UN failure and inconsistencies in failing to order an end of Ugandan army and Sudanese rebels illegal interference with South Sudan’s domestic politics. Questioning UPDF present in South Sudan by itself is a justice to and recognition of the people of South Sudan if UN charter and it principle still hold.  

What Message would you want to say?

Do you think Salva Kiir regime is a government, a government that kills its citizens; children, women and elderly people? It did it in December 2013 in Juba, Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Wau and Gerger-Renk, 2014 against Nuer; again as recent as Bentiu (Nuer) and yesterday up-to-date in Melut against Shilluk and bombing IDPs camps – inclusive.

I call upon all South Sudanese people who are still in the doomed & failed government to revolt and join the SPLM-IO to liberate the Nation from dictatorship, tribalism and Ugandan run government to install democracy and federalism that will entails respect for human rights and rule of law. SPLM/SPLA under Dr. Machar is trying to unite South Sudan people, recreate the social capital for creation of a peaceful, multi-ethnic, prosperous and democratic federal state of which all South Sudanese will be proud of.

SPLM/SPLA (IO) political values calls for the institution of federal system of governance in which the federal, states and the local governments wealth will equally shared and powers devolved more politically, judicially and economically; implement Reforms that affecting Security, judiciary, executive, parliament, civil services, justice and public policy in terms of their philosophy, mandate, mission and objectives to reflect ethnic diversity of South Sudan in terms of the officer corps, men and women in them.

Where in the world government act in a terror, only in South Sudan? If IS, Alshabaab, Boko Harama and Al-Qaida becomes terrorist because they killed civilians, why it takes so long for UN to condemns and labeling such irresponsible Kiir’s tribal government a terrorist when it carrying ethnic cleansing, mass murders than protecting citizens?

I call upon UN for justice and accountability against Salva Kiir’s criminal responsibilities on ethnic cleansing and genocide committed in Juba and recently. Join us, your resistance movement in urging the International Community (UN & Troika) to make sure that the regime of Salva Kiir in Juba is accountable for all the human rights violations it has committed during  the eruption of the conflict since 15th December, 2013 and up-to-date.

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