The Greater Bor Community in the United States to hold the 6th annual conference in September

The 2015 GBC-USA annual conference/Awak de Michigan to be held in Syracuse, NY
September 4-7, 2015
Syracuse, NY

For Immediate Press Release

June 3, 2015 (SSNA) — Dear Greater Bor Community members in the United States of America and our friends, we are here to inform you that the 6th annual conference/Awak de Michigan this year’s thyme “Unity is strength.”

We ask all people to plan to attend this great event. On this year’s Awak de Michigan, the community leadership will present the constitution and bylaws as well as announce the changes in the strategic goals and programs. The stake couldn’t be any higher. Therefore, all are encouraged to come.

Awak de Michigan is instrumental in bringing people together to socialize and meet again and therefore, fostering our unity. It is a great opportunity for us to inspire each other and go back with energies that keep us going until the next Awak de Michigan. Therefore, it is an important event that deserves investing in to attend. There is no election this year but the office of GBC-USA will be changed in the next year’s Awak de Michigan (2016). You may find out in this year’s Awak whether the sitting president is planning another run or not.

Below is the breakdown of the Event Programs:

Saturday, September 5, 2015:

Community Leadership (County, Payams, Bumas, States, Spiritual and elders) will sit for a Meeting: Here, the GBC leadership will give reports on progress, challenges to overcome and the way forward. The meeting time will be 8am-11:30am. All the leadership mentioned about is strongly encouraged to attend. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the wellbeing of our community and nation.

The General assembly or community at large will sit for a meeting. Community leader’s questions section, keynote speakers and elders will give keynote addresses on several topics, i.e. social, economic, political, and cultural. The meeting time will be from 12 noon-6PM. Thank you all in advance for your continued support to this leadership and your commitment to this community and our nation.

After Meeting-Party: It is open to the public. NB: admission fee is $10.00 by the doors. It is also advisable that you take in with you an additional $10 to $20.00 in order to enjoy the party to the fullest. You will enjoy performances by some of our own community artists and entertainers. One of the artists who will perform at the event is Akur Jok Deng.

There will be light refreshments as well. It is all going to be a fun time; no talks, nothing less than funs. NB: All South Sudanese are invited to come. The time will be 8pm-3am. All proceeds go to the Greater Bor Community-USA for its operations and development.

Sunday, September 6, 2015:

The Conference will end with Prayer Services at a Church and Awak (dance) at 4pm at a park.

Monday, September 7:

Depart in peace and we may meet in your cities or if not, we meet again next year at the next Awak de Michigan.

Again, come one, come all.

Signed by: The GBC-USA leadership

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