Peace Ambassador condemns the killing of South Sudanese Journalist

Addis Ababa/Juba, August 22, 2015 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s Peace Ambassador, Gatwech Koak Nyuon, has condemned the killing of Peter Julius Moi who was a reporter for several South Sudanese media outlets.

Gatwech said he is sadden by the death of Peter and warned that the killing shows citizens of the young nation are living in a terrifying situation.

“I strongly condemned the death of journalist in Juba and I strongly urge the Government of South Sudan to thoroughly investigate the case so that the killers are brought to Court. The death of Peter Julius Moi in Juba is a signal to any individual beings that the Country and its citizens are under life threatening condition,” Gatwech said in a statement.

“Where is South Sudan heading please?” he asked.

“We want peace. Peace means that there must be no gun pointing at any citizens at any time. There must be no targeting killing because of person’s profession. Citizens must stay hopefully and fearlessly. They must stay free. This is how we can kick out the insecurity out of our Country,” Gatwech noticed.

Peter Julius was killed in a suburb of Juba by unidentified armed assassins on Wednesday night.

The killing happened less than a week after South Sudan’s Kiir threatened to kill any journalist who works or reports against his government.

However, sources close to relatives of the deceased said the killers worked for the government.

Peace Ambassador also noticed that so many killings have been carried out in Juba by people described as “unknown” and the government has never conduct any proper investigation, adding that Journalists are the voice of voiceless and that killing Journalists is like hurting your own eyes.

Gatwech further calls on Juba to investigate the killing and punish those responsible.

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