Why rejecting the creation of more states in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 5, 2015 (SSNA) — South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has unilaterally decreed expansion of the current Ten (10) states to 28 federal states in the country in an unexpected move announced on South Sudan Television (SSTV) Friday evening, prompting reaction from the armed opposition leader, Riek Machar that the unilateral move was a serious violation of the peace agreement.

There has been serious debates going on and going on, based on the unexpected move which most of the people claimed to culminate from (Jieng Coulcil of Elders) who act as the decision making body since materialistic politics combined with ethnicity broke out in South Sudan 2013.

Based on ramifications and polarization of South Sudanese politics, still policies and implementation processes will not be effective unless otherwise miracle of God almighty and his brother Ngundeng come in to force.

But the creation was supposed to be based on the former colonies not Council of Dinka ideas where they have separated powers based on ethnicities. Mechanism was not right and therefore I call for nullification of the decree in order not to take South Sudan to another civil war again.  

Creation of 28States by President Kiir Mayardit, is apolitical Plagiarism that will still kills civilians and prolonging of the civil war in the Republic. SPLM in opposition created 21 states which were nullified due to the implementation of the current peace deal. Why creating States which were refused in recent peace talks? Is that ideology refusal of implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement?

Based on the current reactions on social media, most of the South Sudanese globally are condemning the creation of more states in South Sudan, accept the few idiots and fools who don’t see the effect of the decree. The problem of Former Unity State that is divided in to Northern Lich State, Southern Lich State and Ruweng State will derailed the implementation of the all peace process. And Malakal issue between Chollo Kingdom, Dinka and taking a section of a community from greater Fangak to other side because of Jiengism is another myopic decision that will attract the violence.

The issue of saying the idea is taken by other party should not be the subject of debate on social media. If the creation of more States was agreeable by both warring parties, things could have gone well without digressing but the all issue is polarization of the conflicts to escalate more and more.

The time I read the news, I got myself going to be a Citizen of Southern Lich State but the only complains I observed is the mechanism put in place to resolve the current civil war. What is the reason of taking Koch County to Northern Lich while it is always on Southern part of the State?

And combination of Abiemnom and Parieng County is not absolute. Are they going to use helicopters to go to Parieng or which routes will they use?  The two have no connection or border unless “dinkanisation or Jiengism” influence the idea of creation of States.  How could South Sudanese move forward in this tribalistic Leadership characterized by primitiveness, nepotism and political materialism?

Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) should still push for the implementation of the Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA) and the proposal should be revised based on the appointment of the state’s governors.

Therefore; if things are not reversible by President Kiir and his Council of Elders ,I recommend that, the former Unity States now known as Southern Lich State, Northern Lich State and Ruweng States, the three governors should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and their deputies should go to the SPLM in the government. The former Upper Nile State known as Lajor State, Western Nile State, Eastern Nile State, the Governors should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and the deputies should goes to the SPLM in the government. And for the case of the former Jonglei State , the governors of Eastern Bieh State and Western Bieh State should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and deputies goes to the government and percentages goes as it is agreed on the document signed. The Jonglei State governor should be appoints by government and the deputy goes to SPLM in opposition. That is only issue that should bring the both warring parties together; otherwise another war escalating in South Sudan is high unless those who lack reasoning capacity could not contextualize what will happen in the nearer future.

For the National level and other regions should remain the same based on the 33% in National level and 15% in others State from greater Bhar-elgazal and Equatoria respectively.

I hope IGAD  adopt that methodology immediately, than the all crisis is solve and address, because the issue am seeing from SPLM in opposition is not about rejecting the creation of States but how will they get their percentages rights and what mechanism will be use to implement the all process when peace agreement is already signed.

The only solution is for SPLM in opposition to look for another controversial decree that might silence the decision of President Kiir Mayardit and the only option is to demand the governors of Ruweng State, Northern Lich State, Southern Lich State, Lajor State, Eastern Nile State, Western Nile State, Western Bieh State, Eastern Bieh State, and the rests of power sharing remain as it is. And that is where world will be on your side otherwise rejection alone without justification will not be understood by the rests of the world and Mayardit government in Juba.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Human Rights and Democratization. He holds BA. In Journalism and Communications from St: Lawrence University. Master in International Politics and Diplomacy from Cavendish University and Master of Public Relations and Media Management from St: Lawrence University. He could be reach on [email protected].

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