The summary of Dr. Riek Machar’s tour in North America

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October 6, 2015 (SSNA) — Gordan Buay’s fabricated messages against Dr.Machar’s tour and briefings in North America are parts of his embarrassment cover in the US.  Mr. Gordan Buay, Wani, and Ambasador Baak, were trying their best to copied Dr. Machar’s touring style in the US, but the duds ended up with unforgettable embarrassment.  Upon their arrival to the US, Dr. Machar was received by both Ban Kimoon of UN, and Obama Administration with highest respect, while Wani was treated like a bartender. Dr. Machar was awaited by more than 500 individuals in New York City, while Wani and Buay were picked up by Ambassador Baak and his driver from JF K. Airport just like stooges.

In New York City, at the UN conference, Wani was directly embarrassed in public by their Uncle Yuweeri Museveni, when he shakes hand with Wani using his left hand, showing a lack of interest with people from Kiir’s Leadership. (Picture in Social Media). Ban Kimoon, and Obama Administration viewed Wani in the image of a Butcher man, because the history of human butchers in Juba has come to its sense during the UN Conference.

At the end of UN conference in New York City, Dr. Machar had planned to tour America to give public briefing on the peace accord and his mission to the UN Conference. Buay has learnt that Dr. Machar and his team are going to brief the South Sudanese in Omaha, Nebraska; a City known to have occupied by the majority of Nuer in North America.  Gordan Buay rushed to schedule Wani for public briefing in Kansas City. Kansas City is where majority of Dinka Community are known to reside in North America.

At his arrival to Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Machar was picked up from Eppley Airfield by More than 50 vehicles with about 300 hundred passengers in Airport alone. His briefing in Omaha was attended by more than ten thousand South Sudanese people in the USA, Canada, and Australia.  Machar’s briefing was conducted in Mid-American Center in Council Bluff, Iowa. The briefing alone took two consecutive days and people did not want to leave.

Wani’s briefing in Kansas City was attended by less than 200 people mostly from Dinka ethnic group, and it last only about 4 hours.

Dr. Machar left on Sunday afternoon to give public briefing in Kansas City; the City that Buay and Wani thought was their Paradise City because the majority residents are Dinka. Dr. Machar was picked up at the Kansas City, Airport by 10 vehicles. His briefing has a turnout with more than 500 attendees, in Kansas City (Pictures on Social Media at Komach Dey’s Page)

On the same Sunday when Dr. Machar was heading to Kansas City, Wani, Buay and Ambassador Baak, left Kansas City to Phoenix, Arizona, in attempt to brief public up here. Very embarrassing for Wani and his team in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their meeting was conducted in a very small hotel conference room, in Ramada Inn, on 44th Street and McDowell Rd. This is where they resided for the night as well. Their briefing was attended by less than 150 people, and it last for just for 1hour and half.  Wani had to simply answered questions that were written and giving to him by individuals in that small group. Buay was in attendance for about 30 minutes, but he knows the attendance is not going to improve, he left the meeting and go to dinner instead. He was taken out to eat, in the Ethiopian Restaurant on Thomas, Rd, where he opened up his team’s embarrassment to the group of Nuer inside the restaurant.

Buay disclosed that the Government of Kiir and Wani is losing miserably, especially in the International arena, and South Sudanese Public alike. He went on and described his tour with Wani, and the embarrassment they received in each city they visited including Phoenix, Arizona. Buay said he just wants to go to Washington DC that Sunday night.

Buay also informed the Nuer group that they should not panic with his writing on social media because that is how he received his salary. He said he is doing that now to comfort his team because they’re seriously embarrassed, and are over skilled by Dr. Machar’s team in North America.

Gordan Buay is currently in Phoenix, AZ, with his new Bar El Ghazel girlfriend. His team left for DC on Monday Morning.  Buay may be traveling to DC tonight or tomorrow.

All in all, Machar’s tour in the US was amazing, and it is one of the historical visits of his life. He was received with highest respect by the UN, the US, and the South Sudanese Public. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon is surely the next president of the Republic of South Sudan. Those who hate him as Riek Machar are seriously advice to refrain from their thoughts, or else hang themselves silently.


Kueth D. Yul
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