Collo Global Action condemns and rejects Kiir’s disintegrating and annexing of Collo Kingdom

October 11, 2015


October 13, 2015 (SSNA) — The Collo Global Action (CGA) has been following the new political developments in South Sudan with great and alarming concerns, especially the Republican Order Number 36/2015 that purports to establish 28 unconstitutional new states in South Sudan with effect from first week of November 2015. The malicious Order that was read over SSTV by President Salva Kiir himself is aimed at disintegrating the Collo Kingdom and grabbing the historical Collo ancestral lands in the east bank of White Nile and along Sobat River to the advantage of the Padang Sectional Dinka Alliance who have been influencing Salva Kiir for that purpose.

The Republican Order is a serious violation to the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan (TCSS) and a shameful dishonoring of the recently signed peace agreement in Addis Ababa on 17th August and also in Juba on 26th August 2015, and which has been ratified by the National Legislature. If these gross violations were conducted elsewhere, it would have caused Salva Kiir his Presidency seat immediately because he would have been asked to resign or be impeached for good.

The Collo (Shilluk) Kingdom has been existing in the region for many centuries, located on both sides of White Nile and Sobat Rivers. Historically, the Egyptian, the Turkish, the British, the French and the Arabs colonialists didn’t manage to disintegrate the Collo Kingdom but recognized and cooperated with it. Who is then Salva Kiir Mayardit, Padang Sectional Dinka Alliance and the entire Council of Jieng Elders to have a victory over the well-known Collo People?

The Collo royal people herby condemn and reject in the strongest terms possible the newly announced states in Upper Nile called Eastern Nile State and Western Nile State. We call upon President Salva Kiir to behave himself like a civilized and intelligent President of a Republic and immediately nullify his unfortunate unilateral and unlawful decision of disintegrating and grabbing the Collo People’s lands.

We can’t imagine an insanity from a President of a Republic who co-habited a beautiful Collo lady from Doleib Hill in the Eastern Bank of the White Nile and had grown-up children from her, to issue an unconstitutional Order that gives away the ancestral land of the Mother of his Children. This is painfully terrible!

If President Kiir has not yet known it softly the time he served in Malakal as a Sudan Military Intelligence Officer that the Collo Nation are the strongest Majority tribe in Upper Nile, and that it is very important to respect the land rights and feelings of the In-laws, perhaps he will know it the hardest way very sooner than later.

We call on the entire Collo people to urgently mobilize themselves and unite in order to protect and defend the Great Ancestral Nyikango Land and Kingdom from aggressors and invaders as we have got to understand it now that the oppressor has no color. Whatsoever the case, we shall win because victory is in our pursuit of truth and dignity.

Long Live Collo Kingdom.
Long Live the Republic of South Sudan
Signed by Collo Global Action
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