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Kampala, November 19, 2015 (SSNA) — A Former Ugandan national security agent in the government of Uganda has revealed to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) that Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) has not left the young nation, saying Juba and Kampala have sealed a secret military pact and that the covert agreement was finalized on the 9th of October and signed on the 10th of October of 2015 in Ugandan capital, Kampala.

James Moises, a former operative in Ugandan security and intelligence spheres said the East African bloc IGAD, IGAD-Plus, African Union (AU), and the United Nations (UN) have no idea about what Kampala and Juba have been planning for more than eight months, warning “it will be the biggest mistake of the 21st century.” He disclosed that Kiir and Museveni started planning soon after IGAD-mediated peace talks collapsed in March.

James said the recent deal between the two men allows the presence of at least two Ugandan specialized battalions of the UPDF to remain in hidden sites in the violence-wracked country. He added that Presidents Kiir and Museveni were furious a day after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) told Museveni that he must leave the young republic alone, or the community of nations will take action against Uganda.

“UPDF left South Sudan from public eyes but not in reality. The truth is that more than 1400 troops from a Ugandan Special military division are still deep inside South Sudan. Museveni is not happy because he believes he failed to carry out what he is very good at,” James told the South Sudan News Agency from a secret location in Uganda.

“UPDF scattered its soldiers in an attempt to hide them from South Sudanese and confuse people. Some live in Juba pretending to be Ugandan civilians or business people and other units are with SPLA’s special divisions in the bushes,” he added.

James is blunt in his revelation. He proclaims that a plan to execute the elimination plan has already been finalized, warning the “world must not be fooled by a Ugandan bloody dictator.”

“IGAD-Plus, African Union, and the United Nations must not fool themselves believing that everything is going to be Okay if rebels and government formed a unity government. It will be one of the biggest blunders of the 21st century,” he observed.

“My President Museveni and Kiir are very happy about the IGAD-Plus peace agreement because they believe they have an opportunity to execute what they failed to do for the last two years,” James asserted.

The disclosure came more than a month after Ugandan military announced last month that it will start withdrawing its troops from South Sudan starting October 12.

During the interview, James unveiled what could be a carefully planned scheme to lure in rebels and then start a war in Juba using a confusing trick. The Former Ugandan security agent also said the military pact between the two countries guarantees at least 1400 Ugandan soldiers to be housed in and around Juba.

James also states that Yoweri Museveni, who has been a staunch defender of Kiir has on the 8th of October asked Kiir to first agrees to shield locations of two UPDF’s battalions from the public because he is afraid of the international community, should the plan be discovered. Kiir quickly accepted Museveni’s demand.

More than eighteen (18) weeks before civil war broke out in Juba, James wrote an article which caused panic in East Africa and around the world. In his piece, which was published by the SSNA on July 27, 2013, he exposed Museveni and Kiir plan on how to get rid of Kiir’s political opponents in what appeared to be a well orchestrated scheme. James also admitted that he was sorry for whatever he had done against what he described as his South Sudanese brothers and sisters.

Fake business licenses issued to Uganda soldiers

According to James, Ugandan soldiers are given bogus business licenses by South Sudan’s government and instructed to dress in civilian clothes all the times and pretend like ordinary Ugandan business people to avoid public attention. The Former Ugandan intelligent officer said the deal further authorizes South Sudanese security and intelligence sectors to regularly monitor where Ugandan troops are assembled to minimize any risk that could arise.

Last month, Ugandan Chief of Defense Forces General Katumba Wamala announced that UPDF will withdraw from South Sudan starting October 12 and that all Ugandan soldiers will be out of the violence-ravaged nation by the first week of this month.

In the news conference, Gen. Katumba said Uganda believes South Sudanese national army (SPLA) is ready and can deal with any issue and that things will hold in South Sudan. Ugandan government added it helped stop what is described as a ‘would be worse genocide” in the young nation.

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