IDPs in Bentiu PoCs Rejects Salva Kiir’s “Establishment Order No 36” For the Creation of 28 States

Bentiu, November 18, 2015 (SSNA) — We the internally displaced persons living under sub-human conditions in Unity State’s main United Nations Manned Protection of Civilians site (PoCs) reject and condemn the unilateral, unconstitutional, dictatorial and un-called-for presidential degree which is refered to by president Salva Kiir and his cohorts in Juba as "Establishment Order No. 36/2015.

We have learned that Salva Kiir’s tribal "Establisment Order" which creates ethnic enclaves for each tribe, particularly the Nuer, thereby separating and Isolating them from the rest of South Sudanese ethnic groups do not only jeopardize the recently signed peace deal with the armed Sudan people’s Liberation Movement (The SPLM/A-IO), but an act of further polarization of the society into x and y. In addition, the "Establishment Order" plans the seeds of ethnic hatred not only Between the Nuer and the Dinka because certain lands of different tribes are due to be given and taken away by force of Salva Kiir’s arms. For example, there is no historical recognized border among the two counties of what President Salva Kiir called Ruweng State. Parieng county lies hundreds of miles North-East of Rubkona. Likewise, Abiemnom lies hundreds of miles not only from Rubkona, but from Mayom.  Rubkona and Mayom counties lie between Panrieng and Abiemnom counties, with the two latest counties with no common or internal borders between themselves. This is not an act of responding to demand of the people at all, but a discourse of snatching away lands that do not belong to certain communities thereby creating anti-ethnic sentiments between the South Sudanese people. This is not the time of creating more states; this is time of constructing confidence, enhancing the social fabric of our polarized society.

Political hypocrisy, if not anything else, compelled Mr. Kiir to rush to the creation of the recently announced 28 states. If President Salva Kiir was sympathizing Federalism, as a popular demand of the people of South Sudan, he would have done this in early Janauary last year when the armed opposition faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement tabled it in the negotiation table instead of doing it at this time where a peace deal with his rivals as just been finalized based on the current constitutional ten states.

The two warrying parties, notably the SPLM/A-IO and SPLM-juba, accepted and signed the IGAD-Plus Compromise Pecae Agreement. However, despites assurance from the government in Juba, Salva Kiir put in place reservations among which is the ratio of power sharing in the three Upper Nile States of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.

Paul Malong Awan, Kiir’s army Chief said, "You should know that those who are in Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIL, Boko Haram, al-Shabab are human being like us, therefore we should follow their foot-steps than signing that fake peace” which means the destabilization of the country.

President Kiir said, ‘’ If this peace imposes on me, there will be more bloodshed in all South Sudan’’.

Salva Mathok, a die-heart member of the Jieng Council of Elders, urged all Dinka Youths to open recruitment centers and joint the army for more fighting.

As a result of all these, before he left for Addis Ababa in mid-August this year, president kiir dismissed the governor of Upper Nile State and appointed a Dinka ally to create confusion between the ordinary citizens of South Sudan.

As a surprise to the world, President Salva Kiir, while at the venue of the peacetalks in Addis Ababa, refused to sign the peace deal signed by his counterparts in the IO and FDs just to sign it in Juba on 26 August with unnamed reservations.

The IGAD-Plus, due to their sympathy towards the suffering of the South Sudanese people, were forced to follow President Salva Kiir in Juba and signs the Compromise peace deal with reservations nine (9) days later or 26 August 2015 after it was signed by Dr Riek Machar.

Finally, as a discourse of conspiracy to jeopardize the peace deal, President Kiir took unwise decision by creating 18 more States at the wrong time in the wrong place.

We do not know what happened to him whether someone is acting on behalf of him or what the problem is.

Therefore we, For the sack of our love for the peaceful co-existence of the people of South Sudan,will not be part of disintegrating South Sudan into pieces and totally reject the creation of more states at this critical time which will be a recipe for future violence. That decision must not be implemented at all cost even if President claims to be acting on behalf of the whole South Sudan. We calls upon the African Union, the IGAD, the Troika and the international community to hold respondsible the perpetrators of Juba massacre as identified in the African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan as soon as possible so that the smooth implementation of the deal is guaranteed, and too to pressure those who are fearing losing their ministerial positions at the expend of the people of South Sudan.

We call upon president Salva Kiir to realizes the danger of the "Establisment order" and abolish it immediately and leave it for the people of South Sudan to decides the status of their country in a popular referendum vote.

Signed by the IDPs VOICE UNITY STATE-BENTIU, comprising of:

  • Advisory Council
  • Community High Committee
  • Women Group
  • Youth Association


Government of South Sudan
The Troika
The United Nations Security Council
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