A Chinese peacekeeper in South Sudan says he ‘can’t understand how people holiday in Africa’

Juba, December 1, 2015 (SSNA) — A Chinese Peacekeeper based in South Sudan said his family cannot imagine how a person can “holiday in Africa.”

In a BBC’S news piece (refer to the video), Chinese peacekeepers can be  seen doing what UN peacekeepers would perform. The peacekeepers appear to be delivering water to people in villages who desperately need the water to drink and cook after they fled their homes due to the raging civil war.

“My family can’t understand how people holiday in Africa," a Chinese peacekeeper told the BBC.

It is not clear what exactly the Chinese peacekeeper meant since Africa is not South Sudan and South Sudan is just a country in Africa.

But, it is clear that some countries outside of Africa think that Africa is either a continent of failures or country full of horrendous troubles.

Most South Sudanese believe that world powers have turned the young nation into a game field – a place where they test their new African economic policies.

In December 2014, Chinese government announced that it will deploy at least 700-strong infantry battalion to the violence-ravaged young African nation.

The move was seen as China’s first foreign peacekeeping mission, raising questions whether or not China is really sending its troops for the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission or to protect its oil interest.

China’s announcement, which came more than a year after fighting broke out in Juba, claims that the mission of its soldiers under the UN will be to protect civilians.

However, South Sudan’s rebels have on many occasions suspected Beijing of supplying Juba with sophisticated weapons and ammunition.

China denied the charges, saying its military contract with South Sudan’s government was signed before the civil war erupted in Juba in mid-December of 2013 and that the deal has so far been scrapped.

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