Stop clannish behaviors and advocate for peace: a response to Pal Nguendeng Teny and Stephen Nhial Hoth’s crisscross articles

By Gai James Kai

November 9, 2015 (SSNA) — To begin with, these so-called   clans/counties associations in Kampala were formed to establish civilized ways and means of policing and attending the issues for the good of all stands in the fabrics of Nuer community in Uganda.

Uppermost is the dismantling of clannish ways of life that nurtures barbarism and savagery where there is complete and total absence of rules and tenets guidelines only appeal to the four Nuer (Lich, Phow, Bieh and Latjor community,) but bond together by Nuer community in Uganda.

These four subjects of Nuer community in Uganda thus speak with one voice, stay and live in harmony and togetherness and are regulated by Nuer community in Uganda whose rules bring about norms that exude civility.

After nearly two years of Nuer marginalization and mass suffering, we the ‘’lucky’’ ones in the Republic of Uganda and those residing in different countries; outside South Sudan should not dare to have leapt ahead further were both of you (Pal and Nhial) are taking us today.

As we (people from lich state) have pointed out in this very conversation, we don’t deserve to be neither a case study nor must walk astride and humbly with other civilized Nuer, gauging against clannish.

That much says, all Nuer, either these in Uganda or those outside should not only avoid but totally stop on its tracks all innuendoes, acts, and/or issues tailored to fan selfishness, and retrogressive partisan clannish tendencies.

Of course! The rest of South Sudanese are watching us just as the other Nuer communities are keen on whatever is evolves within Lich State and around our backyard.

Yes! The political fever among us in Lich State is pitching higher in a climate that is slowly and surely resolving around what we long ago curtailed. However, don’t forget the lives were quite costly.

By Nuer community in Uganda, we mean the clergies, elders the populace at large – thus the young, old and sundry and with either those in government or opposition side.

Therefore, we should and must do something swiftly, quickly and promptly to refrain from this clannish mentality before further damage is done here in Kampala and Uganda at large!

Nuer community in Uganda is too dear to all of us; regardless of our clans and geographical locations, just it is larger than all her subjects.

This stupid naked, hawkish and callously virulent rhetoric heard and seen of attacks and counter attacks between Dok and Bul community in Uganda that, if anything, undermine what we the leadership painfully and without tangible evidence help put together is too sad, disgusting and hurtful to bear.

We can no longer sit down and allow what is going with impunity and unchecked verbal fights between Dok and Bul community in Uganda to continue.

The abusive and malicious words exchanged by Pal Ngueng, the Chairman of Dok community in Uganda and Nhial Hoth from Bull community are indeed fertile devilish nursery beds and barbaric that may nurture Nuer community in Uganda discords hence render brethren asunder.

God forbid! We the leadership of Nuer community in Uganda don’t want such scenarios since they would only turn back the clock to the dark days dudgeons of byssi and retrocession once in Lich state .

Our vision and mission as the leadership is to mobilize a massive guidance campaign to back sanity and sobriety amongst the Nuer community in Uganda.

Therefore, this recent spate of daises that emit fire – spitting scornful tongue – lashes the so-called Dok and bul community in Uganda is coming to a new height and must stop forthwith.

The author is a Law student at Nkumba University – Kampala, Uganda. He is the Legal affairs Secretary for South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda, serving the same position at Naath University and College Students’ Union in Uganda and the deputy Legal Affairs Secretary of Nuer Community in Uganda. He can be reached through [email protected] or add him on Facebook by simply searching for Gai James Kai.

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