South Sudan’s President appoints 28 Governors, defies peace agreement

Juba, December 24, 2015 (SSNA) — South Sudanese President Salva kiir on Thursday issued a presidential decree, appointing Governors of his 28 States plan.

The order number 36, which also dismisses the existing Governors of ten states, appoints 28 new Governors, defies international pressure over peace implementation, and raises fear of collapse of the internationally-brokered deal.

Kiir’s 28 states scheme was previously rejected by the rebels and the international community, saying the order violates the pact.

It is not clear why the president issues the decree three days after an advance team of the armed opposition returned to Juba to begin the implementation of the power-sharing deal as stipulated in the agreement.

The names of newly appointed Governors are Natisio Loluke – Imatong State, Luois Lobong Lojore – Namorunyang State, Afikaano Monday – Maridi State, Joseph Kachipo – Amadi State, Patrick Raphael – Gbudwe State, Augustino Jadalla Wani – Jubek State, Juma Ali Malou – Terekeka State, David Lokonga Moses – Yei State, Elias Waya Nyipuoc – Wau State, Ronald Ruai Deng – Aweil State, Rezik Zechariah Hassan – Lol State, Deng Deng Akuei – Aweil East State, Bona Panek – Twic State, Abraham Gum Makuach – Gogrial State, Akec Tong Aleu – Tonj State, Rin Tuec – Eastern Lakes State, Abraham Makoi Bol – Western Lakes State, Madang Majok – Gok State, Dr Joseph Monytuil – Northern Liech State, Teker Riek Dong – Southern Liech State, Mayol Kur Akuei – Ruweng State, Phillip Aguer Panyang – Jonglei State, Dr William Othuon – Western Nile State, Chol Thon Balook- Eastern Nile State, James Kok Ruey – Western Bieh State, Peter Bol Koang – Eastern Bieh State, Peter Lam Both – Latjor State, and Baba Medan Konya – Boma State.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has learned that the armed opposition is preparing to issue what one senior rebel official described to the SSNA as "serious response."

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