Congratulatory message to the newly promoted SPLA-IO Generals

By: Maulana Deng Gai Gatluak

January 4, 2016 (SSNA) — It is with a great honour and pride that am sending you this congratulatory message to congratulate you on your well-deserved promotions to the distinct ranks in the military hierarchy of the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) and am earnestly sure that you will once again prove to be an asset to us and will work dedicatedly and whole heartedly, owing to the fact that you richly deserve these promotions and I must felicitate you for such a big success and accomplishment.

Your life protects the life of millions in South Sudan; it is expensive for everyone. The life, which is dedicated to the country, the life which protects the life of others, the life, who not lives for self, this promotion salutes the lives of you my brave Generals. The promotions, you got, pay off your talents and hard work. These are the rewards for your unconditional serving and selfless attitudes, owing to the fact that your skills, which are rare that cannot be predicted and cannot be compared; you go one step ahead, with your talent and hard work today, but the mountain is high and your confidence can climb at the top with your courage. Your tactful mind, your emergency idea and your intelligence mission all deserve these promotions. I wish as the year passes, your brains become sharper because you deserve many achievements in life, therefore, proceed ahead in the race of your military careers.

Dear Generals, one thing is clear. You have the leadership qualities which are necessary to bring change in our beloved Country. If we add to these qualities the values you aim towards – integrity, excellence and teamwork, then success is inevitable. Republic of South Sudan is thankful for your unwavering outstanding contributions in transforming our beloved Country. The culmination of these efforts was the embedding of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed on 17th August 2015. There can be no bigger proof of nationalism or patriotism to a Country than the one when their soldiers fight shoulder to shoulder against dictatorship.

As you know, the main priority of the Republic of South Sudan, ever since its independence, has been its fully-fledged to democracy, rule of law and service delivery. Unfortunately, due to the, dictatorial, genocidal, corrupt, tribal leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardiir, the Republic of South Sudan is still not able to maintain its promises. However, this has not, in any way, discouraged us or distracted us from achieving that goal. Am indeed grateful to the SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny for allowing us to prove that South Sudan is a great nation  and can still be transform and I am strongly convinced, because you are one of those who laid the solid foundation for this to happen. Therefore, I would like to utilize this golden opportunity to convey my gratitude to you the SPLA-IO militarily oriented Generals.

Finally, I once again extent my heartiest congratulations to all of you for reaching the highest ranks in the military hierarchy and wish you the very best in assuming your newly well-deserved positions.


The author is a Child Protection & Human Rights (DORD) and Currently a Law Student Pursuing Master of Laws (LL.M) at Girne American University, In Turkey and can be reached at [email protected].

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