SPLM-IO’s chapter in Kenya concludes its first-ever meeting

Nairobi, January 10, 2016 (SSNA) — The [SPLM-IO] chapter’s country coordinator, Mrs. Mary Nyabiel Simon who took oath of the office on 10th, October 2015, briefed members of chapter’s assembly (MCAs) on resolution of Pagak conference and progress of peace implementation process in South Sudan.

The highly anticipated meeting was heavily attended by members of chapter who after hearing briefing from coordinator raised concerns about fragility of peace implementation process, citing creation of 28 states as main obstacle.

Mrs. Mary applauded chapter’s members, saying the meeting was very fruitful. "I want to send my warm congratulation to the prominent members who attended this important meeting for brilliant discussion we have today, it’s my privilege to have pro-active members of this kind," she stated.

"The meeting was fruitful, it’s our first-ever and probably will be the last I preside," Mary further added.

In the meeting, Mary in her capacity as head of the chapter appointed secretaries and their deputies. These include political mobilization, Information and public relations, Finance and Administration, Gender and social welfare.

The chairlady also took the opportunity to announce her appointment to the national parliament by the leadership of SPLM (IO). Mary is among the 50 members of SPLM nominated to represent the armed opposition in South Sudan National Assembly.

She instructed the newly appointed secretaries and their deputies to take up their roles and make sure the chapter fulfills its obligations.

Aborcup John Akuer, a newly appointed first head of chapter’s information and public relations confirms their appointment to media outlets after the meeting.

"The chairlady has finally availed the leadership structure of the chapter today, with appointment of chapter’s secretaries and their deputies," Aborcup said.

Aborcup also said the secretaries appointed are four with four deputies bringing the number of officials appointed to eight.

"We’re four heads and four deputies. Comrade Napoleon Kuaji Bullen appointed to head political mobilization, deputized by Gordon Keah, Aborcup John Akuer-head of Information and public relations, deputized by Peter Owar Okello, Gok Yang-head of Finance and administration with Regina Nyakuoth as deputy, and Gender and social welfare is headed by Randan Achan, deputized by Dhikuany William," Aborcup narrated to media.

Aborcup also sends appreciation message to Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and commander in chief of SPLM/SPLA-IO for appointing Mary Nyabiel to South Sudan National Assembly.

"The chapter sends its sincere appreciation to Dr. Riek Machar Teny for appointing our top leader to the National parliament, he made a right decision, this is not just a consideration of chapter but also a recognition of one’s ability to do work, cde Mary is a brilliant nationalist who deserves that position," he concludes.

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