The Greater Bor Community of the United States of America Congratulates the People of Greater Bor and the New Governor of Jonglei State, South Sudan

United States, January 10, 2016 (SSNA) — Dear people of Greater Bor aka Jonglei State (South Sudan) Worldwide, on behalf of the people of Greater Bor Community in the United States of America, we share with you the excitement about our new state of Jonglei and its tested leader in Philip Aguer Panyang Jot.  Congratulations to you all. We congratulate Philip Aguer Panyang and we pray that God bless him with abundant wisdom to lead and guide our people through peace and development.

While we recognize the political difficulties that are still hovering over the 28 States proposal, we also recognize that it is the greatest thing that has happened to our people because our own state gives us the opportunity to focus on our own affairs without complications of other factors.

We are ready and looking forward to working with the new governor of our state and all of you at home to build our state of Jonglei as one of the greatest states in South Sudan.

We remain committed to a peaceful co-existence with our neighbors. We are looking forward to work together for mutual benefits.

We are optimistic that South Sudanese people will work around the 28 states to amicably address potential conflicts that the states create. We also are confident that we become a state regardless of whether the 28 states proposal holds or waits for the constitutional-making process. Either way, different proposals have indicated that we are proposed as our own state. We urge our South Sudanese citizens whom the 28 states proposal has caused misunderstanding and setbacks to not choose violence as the means to make their points. Please, use the rules of law and the support of your South Sudanese counterparts to fight for your rights.

Thank you very much.
Yours faithfully,
The Greater Bor Community-USA Leadership,
Viewed by Board and County Leaderships and
Signed by Executive:
Abraham Deng Lueth, President
James Maluak Malou, Vice President
Mayom Bol Achuk, General Secretary
Erjok Ayoor Apeech, Treasurer
Ajak Dau Akech, Assistant Treasurer
Emmanuel Agook Kon, Director of Language and Education
Yuot Mach Thon, Director of Youth and Culture
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