The 2016 South Sudanese Diaspora Humanitarian Conference is set for April

For immediate Release for contact: Tel: +1(402)965-1490; Email: [email protected]

February 8, 2016 (SSNA) — The Relief Organization for South Sudan-ROSS (USA), a not-for-profit umbrella organization coordinating humanitarian efforts to help South Sudan’s war-displaced population, has chosen April 15-16, and the city of Omaha, Nebraska (USA) for its second annual humanitarian conference 2016.

The leadership has recognized the immediate and urgent humanitarian needs and the necessity to raise them to the Diaspora community, US policymakers and the people of goodwill. To that end, the conference will discuss robust ways and means to reach the IDPs, especially in places where access by local and international NGOs is either minimal or impossible as well as long term plans for food and physical security.

The organizing committee will start sending out individuals and group invitations immediately. Local community and religious based organizations seeking partnership in this effort are encouraged to contact ROSS leadership as soon as possible.

ROSS Humanitarian Conference Organizing Committee

Relief Organization for South Sudan (ROSS) – USA
P. O. Box 241573 Omaha, NE 68124
Tel: +1(402)965-1490
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