Collo Global Action’s letter to the UN Secretary General on the February 18 massacre of Shilluk IDPs

February 19, 2016
H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations
New York, USA
Re: The Cold Blooded Massacre of Collo (Shilluk) Internally Displaced Persons in UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal Upper Nile State, 18th February, 2016


February 19, 2016 (SSNA) — We, the members of Collo Global Action (CGA) based in the United States of America, would like to seize this opportunity to bring to your considered attention fateful event of calculated cold blood massacre of Collo (Shilluk) Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal Upper Nile State on the 18th February, 2016.

We strongly condemn this callus and cowardly act perpetrated by members of the Dinka Apandang with the full support and knowledge of the Government of Upper Nile State using elements of the SPLA soldiers who are directly under the command of the newly appointed Governor of the so-called Eastern Nile State, Lt-Gen. Chol Thon against innocent unarmed civilians taking refuge in the UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal.


Lt-Gen. Chol Thon (Governor) since his unconstitutional appointment by President Salva Kiir on the 24th December, 2015 has vigorously embarked on the policy of displacing members of Shilluk tribe (the third largest tribe in South Sudan) from their villages within the environ of Malakal town which historically belongs to Shilluk. The attack on the 18th February, 2016 was a well planned and executed operation by the Governor and his Dinka supporters and shall be understood in the context of operationalization of the Presidential Establishment Order 36/2015 which divided the Republic of South Sudan into 28 new States. It is worth noting that the Presidential Establishment Order 36/2015 was unanimously rejected by the Collo (Shilluk) communities inside South Sudan and in the diaspora. It has for the first time in 500 years of the Shilluk kingdom divided its territories and illegally annexing all the villages in the Eastern bank of the Nile to Dinka Apandang. The attacked of innocent civilians inside UNMISS protection side constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes and it will further aggravate tribal hatred between different communities in South Sudan in particular Shilluk and Dinka, with dire consequences to the implementation of the signed August Peace Agreement.


We therefore, call upon your esteemed office to immediately carry out full independent investigation into the 18th February incident. The envisaged report shall examine the reasons as to why UNMISS soldiers stationed in UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal failed to detect the smuggling of arms by members of Dinka Apandang into the camp. Equally, it shall also examine failure by UNMISS soldiers who are operating under Chapter VII and tasked with the protection to the internally displaced persons in executing their legal mandate. This barbaric incident if not handle with utmost consideration could lead to breakdown of trust between our people and UNMISS, hence it necessitates immediate investigation by the UNMISS.

We urge members the United Nations Security Council to take serious measure against the Government of South Sudan in their complicit implication in the cold blooded massacre of Collo (Shilluk) internally Displaced Persons in UNMISS Protection Camp. Lt-Gen. Chol Thon name should be included in the list of individuals threatening the peaceful co-existence of communities in Upper Nile state which could result in the complete collapse of the signed August Peace Agreement in accordance to resolution 2206(2015) of the UNSC pertaining to sanctions on South Sudan. We the members of Shilluk community demands that the report into the 18th February, 2016 shall be made public as soon as possible to avoid retaliation from our community.

Excellency, we look forward to your prompt response to issues raised in this letter.


Mr. Sam Ongethi
Chairman of Collo Global Action
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