SPLA-IO accuses government of impeding peace implementation

Pagak/Addis Ababa, February 29, 2016 (SSNA) — The military command of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO) has warned of possible delay of peace implementation, saying Salva kiir government is refusing to designate locations for troops of the armed opposition.

The allegation came days after peace partners indicated willingness to transport rebel forces to in and around Juba.

In a statement, a copy of which was obtained by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), the rebel military command say peace partners are still working to transport its soldiers and criticizes the way the government is handling the peace process and warns of delay unless provisions in the power-sharing deal are met.

“The peace partners are still on the plan to transport the largest contingents of SPLA/IO forces to Juba but this would not [happen as planned],” SPLA-IO says.

The armed opposition says at least 1370 soldiers of the SPLA-IO are expected to arrive in Juba on or about March 1st.

However, Pagak says the move is not happening, blaming Juba for the failure and demands that South Sudanese government for not respecting the pact.

“South Sudan government needs to designate clearly the cantonment areas within Juba for the quick transportation of SPLA/IO force right from Airport to the sites,” rebels demanded.

Rebels also demand that they want to know how basic services such as food, water, medical care, and other necessary services will be provided to their forces, adding that the Ethiopian government is also needed to first approve transit process of the rebel light weapons from Pagak and other areas to Juba.

The SSNA understands that the SPLA-IO soldiers will be picked up from rebel outposts to in and around Juba.

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