Israel sued over “wiretapping equipment export” to South Sudan

Israel's High Court. Photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash90/
Israel’s High Court. Photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash90/

Juba/Jerusalem, May 17, 2016 (SSNA) — A member of Israeli Parliament has filed a lawsuit, challenging the legality of Defense ministry decision to keep selling sophisticated spy tools to South Sudanese government even after the bloody civil war broke out.

Tamar Zandberg, who currently represents Meretz party in the Israeli parliament, Knesset, on Monday filed a legal case with High Court of Justice arguing that Jerusalem should stop selling listening devices to Juba because the tools are being used by South Sudanese government to monitor its rivals.

A report released by the United Nations panel of experts in January accused Israeli government of supplying South Sudan with high-tech communications interception equipment.

The report added that Israel keeps exporting modern spy devices to South Sudan’s government even after it agreed to a UN request to stop selling weapons to the violence-wracked nation.

In that report, the panel also alleged that the “advance spy tools” are being used by Juba to “eavesdrop on its opponents.”

In November of 2015, Israel denied the allegation, saying, it stopped selling weapons and wiretapping equipment soon after civil war erupted in December 2013.

In her legal challenge, MP Tamar Zandberg added that she wants the high court to legally barred the export license issued by Israeli defense ministry, saying the license allows South Sudanese government to keep buying sophisticated listening devices from the Israeli government.

However, Israel told the United Nations panel of experts in 2015 that it has good relations with all South Sudan’s rival factions and that it favors no single group.

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  • Israel must stop supporting Salva Kirr’s regime…. Otherwise Nuer nation must acts on this matter.

  • My comment to that s south sudan can go a head for their cooperation of Iseal goverment becs; for me this south sudan s all not for single trible n what i see its the UN now need to destory south sudan becos of their ditry human right.un said that the have human right but infact its not there; or when there s human; why the kill king Luther n the push Nelson? Am hereby supporting Iseal government to contiou support south sudan؛‎ but not to fight one another to protection ourmather; for i don؛t known the work of UN here s sudan.


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