Khartoum denies use of chemical weapons in Sudan’s Darfur

Ibrahim Ghandour. Photo: Getty Images
Ibrahim Ghandour. Photo: Getty Images

Khartoum, October 30, 2016 (SSNA) — Sudanese foreign minister says accusations by “foreign agents” that it uses chemical weapons against people of Darfur are baseless, warning that Khartoum is ready to use all-mean necessary to preserve its political and military goals.

Ibrahim Ghandour, a prominent politician who was appointed this year as foreign minister after dismissal of Sudanese controversial foreign minister Ali Ahmed Karti says accusations by foreign governments and humanitarian agencies against Khartoum will not produce any tangible solution and warned of unspecified consequences against what he describes as “enemies of Khartoum.”

The Sudanese foreign minister blats what he called “external agents” and suggests that some humanitarian agencies uses techniques which only service “interest of humanitarians agencies.”

Ghandour, who is known for his controversial expressions, vows to restore “dignity of Khartoum” and denied that his government uses any chemical weapons against Darfur rebels or civilians.

Khartoum also warns of ‘unspecified consequences’ if her interests are compromised.

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