East African Parliament tells Kenya to “loosen its stand” on South Sudan

EALA Speaker Daniel Kidega. Photo: East African Legislative Assembly.
EALA Speaker Daniel Kidega. Photo: East African Legislative Assembly.

Kampala/Nairobi, November 23, 2016 (SSNA) — The Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Daniel Kidega tells Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta that pulling troops from South Sudan is not good for the region, arguing that Kenya has been an advocate for the regional peace and stability, Kenyan-based newspaper, The Star reported.

Backed by at least ten MPs, Kidega, said Nairobi does not have control over the firing of General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki.

“The reasons for the sacking of the Kenyan general is beyond us and most importantly we need to save South Sudan from humanitarian crisis,” Kidega said.

“We should leave the issues of the generals to the generals and focus in safeguarding our region. South Sudan is part of the EAC, whatever happens in any part of the EAC, affects the totality of the community,” he noticed.

General Mogoa, a Kenyan, was fired early this month by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over civilian deaths in South Sudan.

A UN investigative panel concluded in its report that the General failed to perform his leadership duties, resulting in death of civilians and attack on UN personnel in July.

“A lack of leadership on the part of key senior mission personnel culminated in a chaotic and ineffective response to the violence,” the report reads in part.

Nairobi responded furiously, blasting the UN over sacking of its General and withdrew 1,000 troops from the war-torn South Sudan, and later detained and deported top South Sudanese rebel Spokesman to Juba over a Facebook post.

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  • East African Leaders why can’t we make our region a peaceful home for us and our people to live? Remember when Cain killed his brother Abel the Bible says, the blood of his brother was crying from the the earth or ground for revenge and God heard this cry. I have seen you have done good work why don’t make better, secondly let us try to be kind to our people and we will build very good history.
    God give grace and wisdom as you lead this region and God bless you all.

  • I agreed with EAC Speaker, it is not good for Kenya to pull out because of one General, he is a UN employed he is being paid and he failed to do his job, than what is the problem here, unless there is hidden agenda.

  • Comment
    It’s actual unfortunate for the decision Kenyan took without the regional notice or E.A.C head of state.
    South sudan as a young country in Africa need more helps from regional countries and these countries should not behave like kenya who have greed for power but participate less in term of bringing peace to south sudan.

    Congratulation to Banki moon for the right decision he took to appoint a new leader.
    Leave these heartless kenyan leaders who want money from the new nation but did less to protect civilians and UN properties.

  • Geoffrey Obiny
    November 24, 2016 6:42 am

    It is true Kenya was reacting inappropriately and in haphazard manner to a genuine action by the UN over one of its employees and senior staff. If you accept a job, you swear to discharge your responsibility. And if you should be found to have ducked any duty/responsibility, there is disciplinary action lined to it.
    Now, by reacting is rash manner, pulling out troops who were very useful to the status of peace and security in South Sudan, Kenya not only showed it could be dispensed with; it also exposed a bias. Now what is the fate of the innocent Officer deported to SS? Is President Uhuru culpable for his fate?

  • The decision taken by kenyan government was unbelivable and irresponsible because kenya use to be neutral and respected by all South Sudanese when it comes to dealing with South Sudan issues. I wonder why they let the pot to break at the door, is it because of money just! Where on earth can you bring a rat from its hiding hole and throw it in front of a hungry cat? They have lost the respect and honor they had in all South Sudanese hearts because of selfish interst of some few individuals.

  • All of you are right,because on the evening of Friday 8,July.2016,the UNMISS main gate was Closed from People who run there for protection ,People have to jump over the pence to the compound from the protection only on the night of Friday the 8th,July .2016,and on 9th,July.2016,people were put to sit under the hot sun,women childern and men were kept without water.

  • South Sudan is a sovereign country as it is always said.it has a big army to protect its People. In-fact Kenya moving out have helped reduce UN budget.Kenyans need protection at home too.

  • sure kenya over reacted on this issue. ss is more important than one general who faild in his duty

  • Government or leaders in South Sudan are Elite and very very poor.

  • Riek Machar himself got his own secret Ngungdeng’s Phones,but that is not real. Keep HACKING boy. John Garang himself had tried that,BUT.

  • Anguei Garang Aguer R.
    November 30, 2016 11:55 am

    that is the stablishment of knowledge.
    i think truth will come out

  • Dear Kenyan,
    You have been peaceful country since the onset of your independence, by this you are known as and like virgin Girl who have not mess up her sexual life with men and even after marriage she remained for one husband. However, some how during the post election you almost let that man called Mr. blood thirsty held your hand to take you away from your first husband Mr. Faithfulness, but stil your reputation of faithfulness to one husband is not badly off like that of Mrs. South Sudan, so please do your best to maintain this reputation of being faithful in the next coming election. The other thing is, you have not known the real taste of Mr War, but me who is one of the son of Mrs. South Sudan had been borned, grew and stil living in this taste, now am telling you that avoid having this tastes because it’s terrible taste for human being. Many people talks a lot about your corruptions but be encouraged I have seen you have done many good work on the ground Which I have not seen in other East African countries keep up what you have, remember God is watching you from far away and the mandatory leadership work He has given you. I Pray God give you grace.
    Yours in His vineyard
    A/Bishop Dr. Ceaser Wani
    Full Gospel Church, South Sudan


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