Source: South Sudan is working on “secret disarmament campaign”

Government soldier... photo: Getty Images/Radio Tamazuj/File
Government soldiers… photo: Getty Images/Radio Tamazuj/File

Juba/Nairobi, December 10, 2016 (SSNA) — The Republic of South Sudan is set to disarm civilians soon after a secret bill currently being worked out by a parliamentary committee at South Sudan Parliament passed, a senior military officer told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA).

The officer who demanded that the SSNA not reveal his name states that the bill is not an actual bill, asserting “the government is talking to all Members of parliament (MPs) who may not like the plan” to make sure they agree to the request and passed what he called a “simple voice resolution” to give South Sudanese President Salva kiir power to use the national army to wage a disarmament campaign against any civilian who owns a gun.

“A secret disarmament campaign will soon take place. We have been working on this plan since September, so the parliament is working on it as we speak,” the source told the SSNA.

“It is going to be a quick operation,” he asserted.

The South Sudan News Agency has confirmed that South Sudan’s government is in fact working on a secret disarmament resolution and the committee responsible for the passing of the bill is occupied only by Kiir’s handpicked parliamentarians.

Documents obtained by the SSNA indicate that the campaign will be waged militarily against “selected areas” and that Juba will label  those places “rebel-held territories” or “anti-peace areas.”

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  • what you people are planing are nonsense

  • what you people are planning these are nonsense

  • Kirr plan to take away other people gun is not good .he is planing to kill all other tribes why because of their own land kirr let dinka go back to their land not you want kill all south sudan people to give the land to dinka kirr go ask God if he said yes to you .kirr you wii let God in heaven kill all dinka because you are out of it now dying is on your face ok

    • Santino Deng tong
      December 11, 2016 10:43 am

      There is no God to one tribe,but the God is for All .make sure do not call God for nothing you done by yourself.GOD love evey one love his brothers ,evil like you

  • Peace, genuine peace should be
    priority for all South Sudanese. Peace good tool to disarm.
    Rushing to disarm any section in Rumbek, Unity, Pibor or anywhere is even more harmful as they are left vulnerable.
    Instead bring in peace by deploying trusted local forces.

    • Corection:
      Sorry, I mean peace is good tool to disarm any a armed group not by force.
      As peaceful Dinka Malual of Marial Baai, I challenge rest South Sudanese to live that life : respect and harmony.

  • Santino Deng tong
    December 11, 2016 10:58 am

    Peace will not be achieve through mouth. I think that peace now taking place in South sudan within those who love peace, but the only families of individual whom they created the suffer are now calling the peace .but there is no one rejecting you .if you came we will accepting you, if you are not came it is your choice do not blame some body even government of South Sudan blame your rebel.

  • Mr kirr it is bring to your country silently than killing others and take land God have Mercy on south Sudan.

  • Muorcheng'goog
    December 11, 2016 9:31 pm

    Taking side is not unethical.. everyone in south Sudan including myself, has to contribute in this by spreading words of peace positively. If you’re dinka,Nuer or any other ethnic groups. Don’t just support killings knowing that only innocent civilians will end up paying for one man egos. Please you guys Need to nonsense.

    • Taking side is unethical, spreading hatred isn’t going to help us ease our anger, but peace and harmony will definitely go along way. ##Stop Blaming Government…

  • my brothers and sisters don’t be a fool person like
    our leaders in south Sudan here the don’t know what they doing sometimes if you go to
    school you will learn more things politics human right so mean things but if you are
    like kirr whose come from guns said to President my brothers and sister’s you and Mr kirr will go to hell but me I trust in my God am dinka but am not behavior like them because i know that we all belong to South Sudan

  • Opposing a dictator – Absolutely
    Fighting against corruption – Absolutely
    Fighting for free speech – Absolutely
    Fighting for free media – Absolutely
    Fighting to select the political leaders openly – Absolutely

    No citizen is giving these freedoms away, especially not to Kiir and his murderous mobs

  • Fatima if the go back with city. What will be the next coz kiir is head of state is mean he can move with city.

  • Comment *Mr kiir I think you are going to move with city from here up to Wau but that one is unlike by many South Sudanese people I say that beause the city of South Sudan is not for one person it is for all people in they nation thank you guys

  • Comment *Yeah peace liberty and democratic gov’t will never be achieved by s.sudanese unless disarment is initiated and embrassed by citizens irrespective of ethnic groups.


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