The tribalism, bribery, and control in a desperate nation

Photo: Nomadic Wear
Photo: Nomadic Wear

By Kech Nguoth Tiem

December 10, 2016 (SSNA) — The endings to the painful, humiliating lot of the South Sudanese anguish looks miles away into the future as confusions surrounding the implementation of the IGAD-plus mediated Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA2) dazzled the minds. There was an inferred impression that the long-mediated deal was going to be the order of things in the troubled young nation especially after making Dr Machar and Kiir to ink it through regional and international pressure. Unfortunately, it became apparent that the document lacks the force it should to make its signatories comply with its terms of reference. The signed deal had become indeed not a “Holy Bible nor Holy Quran” quoting President Kiir’s once captured media remarks.

And, because it is neither of the two holy books, President Kiir behaves as though he had not committed himself to any internationally mediated deal. His non-negotiable redlined 28 states’ political agenda and others of similar intensities stand unmistakably the pretext Kiir has planned to use to wreck the peace he had signed reluctantly. Kiir is moving on undisturbed while the international communities are entertaining his jokes.

The tribally favoring based politics played by the so called juba/kiir regime in South Sudan have already thrown the nation deep into an irreversible political chaos threaten the very existence of the people of newly born nation itself.  Instead the international communities call for a genuine political urgency in the country; they are engaged in worsening of the situation by supporting peace already killed by juba regime on their faces. After all, the creation of more states was not among what triggered the ongoing unrest in the country nor was it an outstanding issue in the nation’s politics, but was used by kiir as a weapon for killing people and the august peace dealt.

Now the issue of more states is the most killing head-ache. As for Kiir, the creation of 28 states was for ideological reasons –an introduction of a new dynamism in South Sudanese politics that based on tribe, bribery and control. Kiir created his states to re-inject his diminishing grip onto power.

Sadly, our struggle for FREEDOM was seen differently by others while we are fighting to ensure the self-existence of the country and we vowed to keep our people united under diversity and tolerance.

Where will a nation dominated by one certain ethnic community at the expense of the others take us? We are working hard to build our country on principles of equality, justice and fair distribution of both power and wealth among its citizens. Will tribalism take us anywhere?

The whole case of South Sudan stands a challenging subject in a world that pride itself to protecting human dignity and rights. Before the world’s watch, Juba Regime had been seen killing her own people, looting the properties of her own people, burning off to ashes the houses of her people and displacing her citizens to foreign lands amid the absolute display of human madness. Who doesn’t know that in Juba the nation’s capital, about 20,000 of Nuer Ethnic members were house to house searched and shot dead in a course of days simply because they belong to the opposition leader’s ethnic community Dr Riek Machar Teny, and the recent executing of Equotorian people in Yei State when their loyalty to former first vice president were discovered.

As violence continued, the targeted community’s youths the (Mighty Nuer White Army) rose for reprisal, President Kiir headed off to neighboring States and beyond lobbying for help to back up his threatened regime from imminent collapse and to strengthen his might in his agenda of blot out the Nuer from the existence. Thus one hears of the Ugandan intervention; the cluster bombing of the armed youths (White Army) who were only some miles away to Juba the blood stained city to get Kiir the murderer; hiring of external forces like Torrobora, JEM, the SPLA North and the armament of massive South Sudanese ethnic minorities through deception and bribery for the same effect.

Months into the violence, atrocities of heart-cutting nature were witnessed and reported—raping of both females and males, cutting off of females’ breasts, the loin lynching of young Nuer, Equotorians, and Shilluk boys. Girls killed by enforcing ruff hard wooden sticks into their virginals, forcing captured Nuers’ indigenous to eat the flesh of their just burned semi-roasted dead body of their fellow Nuers. These and countless others of the same madness were reported and went unaccounted. With all these, President Kiir is just playing with the only hope (the signed peace) which promises restoration to people he had targeted and abused. Indeed, the suffered Southerners are not inquiring for a possible call to remove Kiir from power despite all he had done, but only praise him.

The only choice that be able to restore peace to triumph in the younger nations is when SPLM IO MAIN STREAMloyalist to Dr Riek Machar Teny participated in the process of peace. Attempt to leave out the mentioned PARTY or the Party’s most powerful leader Dr Riek Machar Teny will worsen the situation.

Already the regime in juba is discarded by the nation’s quarter population e.g. Greater Upper Nile, Greater Equotoria region and half of Barigazel region. Hence South Sudan at the present required a political leader who has the capacity to bring together all fighters fighting government, bring together South Sudanese tribes and leader with high integrity, competency and capability to see or treat South Sudanese fairly without discriminations. Thus, to me Dr Riek Machar Teny is the only one many analyst proposed that.

The author is a commissioner of Ulang County under the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO.

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