EU threatens to slap new sanctions on South Sudan

European Parliament. Photo: Getty Images/File
European Parliament. Photo: Getty Images/File

Brussels/Juba, December 12, 2016 (SSNA) — The European Union has issued fresh warning, saying it is ready to impose punitive measures against anyone standing in the way of peace in South Sudan.

In a statement, EU foreign ministers say they are disturbed by ongoing situation in the war-torn young nation and prepared to impose sanctions against those who obstruct the peace process, incite hatred, or prevent United Nations organizations from doing their work.

“The EU is profoundly disturbed by developments in South Sudan. There is now a last chance for political and military leaders to avoid the resumption of war, to spare their people further suffering and to find a just and inclusive political settlement of their differences. The EU calls on all parties to lay down their arms and to take decisive steps to end violence,” EU says in the statement.

EU expresses concern over the intensity of the ongoing war between South Sudan’s warring factions and warned that South Sudan is at of “complete fragmentation.”

“Fighting between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition and armed groups is increasing in scope and intensity; South Sudan is at risk of complete fragmentation,” the statement reads in part.

“All parties must be brought into an inclusive political process, based on the 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict. The Transitional Government of National Unity must implement, in full and immediately, the commitments made in the Joint Communiqué issued with the UN Security Council on 4 September 2016,” the statement further explained.

The European Union also stated that military solution is not possible in South Sudan and calls on all parties to the conflict to fully observe the ceasefire and reject any ‘speech inciting ethnic hatred’.

The UN has recently warned of a “looming genocide” and a United Nations commission tasked to investigate reports of ethnically targeted killings concluded that “ethnic cleaning” is underway in South Sudan and that it is already taking place in some parts of the country.

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  • David Loikosang
    December 12, 2016 5:32 pm

    EU countries must understand that there is no longer peace agreement in South Sudan. When Taban Gai came to Juba he secretly made a deal with those of Salfa Kiir and Paul Malong to assassinate Dr Riek Machar under the pretext of coupe deter and that resulted to the events of July 2016. When it failed SPM/A IO base was mercilessly attacked from ground and air and Machar was pursued up to DRC. The aim was to abrogate the August 15th 2015 peace accord signed in Ethiopia and indeed they succeeded.
    Instead of International community and IGAD condemning the war mongering Regime in Juba and pressurised them to resuscitate the peace agreement they sided with the regime and condemned the victim.
    It is the same IGAD and Troika countries that pressurised Machar to come to Juba only with 1300 man with light weapons verse 50, 000 government soldiers with all their military hardware including helicopter gunship and jet fighters who criticised Machar as a war monger. Logically how can Riek make a coupe with only 1300 man with only AKM rifles and RPGS if not a suicide? Any reasonable person can dispute that. Now the dictatorial regime is killing innocent civilians in the whole of Equatoria accusing them of being sympathetic with DR iek Machar other wise he would not have reached DRC. Let EU and International community know that Taban Gai is not for peace he is there for his personal interest. He was a partner of President Kiir when he was the governor of Unity state. The 2 % oil revenue which was meant for the development of the state as stipulated by CPA was divided 50/50 between the two Taban and Kiir. When he was removed the governorship he turned against Kiir and for Kiir to abrogate the peace agreement he signed with Dr Riek he had to play a dirty trick with Taban to lure Riek in and get rid to him.
    Therefore EU must know who is for peace and who is not for peace. If Kiir and Taban are for peace why are they killing civilians in all areas of South Sudan? For real peace to happen let them pressurised the regime and allow Dr Riek to come to Juba with a deterrent force as a guarantor.

  • David,
    all the issues you mentioned above are rubbish. if you think Riek is better than Kiir & Taban installed him into the power as your dream.

  • Action speak louder than words….we the citizens are paying the price of death….. its like they are all above the law…..

  • I commend for an inclusive government in which all are on board, with Dr. Machar as the signatory of the peace agreement of August VP.

  • Hey, Michael West, south Sudan is not a monarchy. The people elect the leader of their choice. Dr. Machar is a south Sudanese and has constitutional right to be President if elected. Don’t impose your will against the people. Killing has gone far enough and was never the objectives of Dr. John Garang nor that of the SPLM.

  • David Lokosang
    December 13, 2016 1:56 pm

    Michael West or East, my comment is based on facts if you want to dispute that prove to me that what I mentioned is wrong so that the readers can understand but saying what I wrote is rubbish clearly indicates that you have shallow brain like that semi illiterate president Salfa Kiir. Of course you have right to defend those killers and robbers because the public money that they steal benefits die hard supporters like you. We want to build a nation that belong to us all including you not a tribal enclaves like what Kiir and Jieng Council of elders have created. Have you watch what was done to colonel Ghadafi of Libya and Saddam Husein of Iraq, the same will happen to Kiir and Taban and and wonder where will people like you be when time come.
    People of South Sudan are fed up and it is just a matter of time.

  • In December I was in Khartoum as part of a Consultancy Team put together by DFID Sudan to design a service Delivery Strategy for the yet be Independent South Sudan. This is in anticipation of the CPA that is due to be ushered in 2005. We had held 2 workshops in December of that year-one in Khartoum and the other in Nairobi for the South. In the Nairobi Workshop i interacted with both President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar. Their contribution to the envisioning of the South Sudan State was one of where peace, unity and brotherhood was to be the cornerstone of the future of the country. For me it is a personal loss to see and hear what is happening today. Later in early 2005 as we presented the strategy at the Sudan Service Delivery Workshop in Oslo and left for Kenya, we had this self fulfilling joy emanating from deep down my heart that indeed we have done something great for humanity.

    My brothers and sisters, My dear Dinka and Nuer brothers and Sisters rise up and claim your future that is almost slipping out of your hands.


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