UN Security Council to vote on South Sudan arms embargo

UNSC in a past session. Photo: Getty Images/File
UNSC in a past session. Photo: Getty Images/File

New York/Juba, December 21, 2016 (SSNA) — The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is set to vote on South Sudan arms embargo this Friday, UK Ambassador to UN Matthew Rycroft said.

The announcement came just two days after UN Secretary-General ban ki-moon gave a chilling warning to the 15-member council, saying genocide is about to start in South Sudan.

“We urge all our council colleagues to vote in favor of that resolution on Friday. I don’t know whether enough of them will do so,” Rycroft told reporters today.

US ambassador to UN Samantha Power on Monday told the Security Council the resolution is about “life-and-death” and urged council members to stand with the people of South Sudan.

A UN diplomatic source told the South Sudan News Agency the United States may not get enough votes but it is working aggressively to get enough countries needed to back its arms embargo resolution.

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  • this arms embargo which the US with their allies is advocating is not all about solving the problem of South Sudan but to cause more problems.

  • Peter Rock Muon.
    December 22, 2016 2:01 am

    Please do for God to his people but not for human interest because God is in a full watching to the earthly activist for solving earthly crisis to the needy all over the whole world, my personal advice to any human being that involve to this vote please vote for the best of God his wishes not flesh interest this is the end of my comment with help from Jesus and God from Heavenly father and father of all and you are all welcome and always add churches into any occasion {i mean priests representatives} that is all for now, Amen.

    • Peter Rock,
      Do u know meaning of Peter?
      Are you preaching or praying?
      Make sure to understand what you praying for, and in the Church.

  • This so call UN is a trader organization because they don’t show quality of life in the country. They just fought for their portion only.

  • Samantha Power & Terrorist Barack Hussein are heading for another , 2nd round of defeat (on South Sudan) by Russia, China, etc. The former street advocates failed misery in Syria. Where can they find claim as foreign achievement other than last dish on poor African country.
    I know it will not stop war or weapons, but for sure, the idiots will have produced the country (USA) another hostile country, South Sudan.

  • Comment *UN you are always supported crimes in the country like south Sudan,if am south Sudanese president Mr,general salva kiir I would have accuse you because you are against young nation.looks at poor ban ik moon if u wants to solve they problems of whole world why u don’t solve the problems of ur country.


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