Rights groups slam UN for failure to adopt South Sudan arms embargo resolution

South Sudanese IDPs at a UN camp. Photo: UNMISS/File
South Sudanese IDPs at a UN camp. Photo: UNMISS/File

Juba, December 23, 2016 (SSNA) — A group of international human rights organizations have express outrage and strongly condemned the UN Security Council move to block the US-drafted arms embargo on South Sudan.

In a statement released today, the group expresses outrage over the 15-member council to bock the proposal, the UN has abandoned its sanction promise.

“South Sudanese civilians had a reasonable expectation that the Security Council would make good on its long-standing threat to impose an arms embargo and extend sanctions to some of the senior leaders who have been responsible for grave human rights abuses,” Enough Project’s Founding Director, John Prendergast, said.

Prendergast added that “I can only imagine their frustration with today’s vote.”

Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East Africa Muthoni Wanyeki urges African leaders to act to end atrocities in South Sudan.

“African leaders should use all tools at their disposal and act swiftly – ending the atrocities should not be relegated to the AU Summit at the end of January 2017,” Wanyeki said.

Akshaya Kumar, deputy United Nations director at Human Rights Watch said the UN Security Council fais to stand with South Sudanese war victims and that the council inability to adopt the resolution will allow the warring factions to buy more weapons.

“The Security Council had an opportunity to show that it stands with the civilian victims of this conflict. Instead, this failure gives the warring parties in South Sudan a green light to buy more weapons and materiel that will end up being used against civilians,” Kumar explained.

Managing director of Humanity United David Abramowitz describes how difficult it is to achieve peace in the war-torn young nation where journalists are not allowed to report on political issues and civil society advocates fled to other countries.

“In a country where the media cannot report on the political situation and many civil society advocates have fled to neighboring countries for their safety – who is left to participate in a dialogue?” Abramowitz illustrated.

“Rather than taking President Kiir’s announcement on face value, the international community should be asking a lot more questions about who will be part of this dialogue, who will facilitate it, and what safety assurances citizens will be given ahead of joining it,” he wonders.

The United States Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power warned the Council members who refused to support the resolution that they choose “a big gamble.”

“The council members who didn’t support this resolution are taking a big gamble that South Sudan’s leaders will not instigate a catastrophe,” US Ambassador Samantha Power told the council after the vote. It is the people of South Sudan who will pay an unbearable price,” Power said after the vote.

The resolution, which calls for imposition of arms embargo and targeted sanctions failed to garner the necessary votes needed for a resolution to pass.

The US secured seven votes; however, Angola, Egypt, Senegal, Russia, Venezuela, China, Malaysia, and Japan refused to cast their votes.

South Sudanese government calls the vote “diplomatic victory,” saying it is happy with the vote and accuses the United States and unnamed countries of trying to punish Juba.

“This is a diplomatic victory for the Republic of South Sudan. We want peace to come back to our country but peace shouldn’t be impose on us through arms embargo,” a senior government official who declined to be named told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA).

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned the Council Monday that genocide is looming in South Sudan and called on the international community to act.

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  • Tut Mi Bum-Bum
    December 23, 2016 4:47 pm

    Those countries refusing to support the proposal are telling the people of South Sudan they are supporting killings being carryout by Kiir and his JCE-Mafia organization. Blood of those innocent lives are watching.

  • At height of the Rwanda Genocide in 1994, The UN Canadian General who wanted to intervene to save humanity, because of cheap politics, he was blocked from doing so. Gen Dealire (SP) will live with the guilt until his death. Those who prevented Gen Delaire (SP) from intevening to save humanity ( and they know themselves) will also live with that guilt.

    Fast forward in 2016, Genocide is about to happen , if not is already happening in South Sudan . This time around who is going to take the blame if and when dead bodies begin to pile up?

    From what I hear ,the northern Ugandan Town of YUMA in Koboko is already over flowing with ten of thousand of refugees, many of whom whose loved ones have been massacred .

    The Animal called Human Beings can be cruel l..real cruel and are devoid of any hint of civilization .

    May the sould of dead South Sudanese rest in peace. Once again petty regional.global politics has compelled good people to do nothing..I guess we are having ashwitz (sp) , or rwanda 1994 once again.


    • There are killings because there’s ongoing war in South Sudan. People die in war. However, genocide didn’t occur and I believe will not happen. South Sudanese are not Rwandans
      People are just panic Dinka will revenge after killing of innocent Dinka on Yei, Nimuli roads. Yes Dinka are avengers and would eventually respond if selecting and killing Dinka on public roads can not stop. Remember, even those inside Uganda or Congo are not out of reach.

  • This is absolutely preposterous and childish on behalf of the so called pres- kir I’m a Sudanese Us citizen with relatives who suffered through the theses tragic times caused by men who lack Leadership. Kiir you stated you” want peace to come back” to come back huh? just as long as it’s not at the cost of you eliminating innocent blood. Woe to you all who’ve spilled blood for selfish gains. Even when peace comes back you won’t live to see it your children’s children will have to live with the weight of shame and malice of bearing your name and sweating away unwashed blood stains. Only incompetent incomplete souls can parade such beguiled and sinister words as “diplomatic victory”in times when war wounds can’t be spoken to, yet pain still has the audacity to tease the dead while unhealed itchy scabs scream not again woe to those who scratch and eat away at it as if devouring flesh could mend all those unforgotten scars,
    Even if wolf in SHEEPS clothe were to save the young from abusive parents, Better to live now and grow then later deal with the howl, than be cooked staring at the moon dying to get devoured… THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE SONS.. Shadows can only try n hold on to power but end up following every foot steps…as cowards.

  • Riek Machar has to denounce violent and respect to people of South Sudan.

    • Beek,
      Riek Machar and his supporters and position-seekers who will continue to bear more sufferings, while achieving nothing and hopelessly heading nowhere.
      As much I don’t like almost all SPLM leaders wasting and occupying space in Juba including president Salva Kiir, South Sudanese don’t need more violence but peace and unity and later an opportunity to reject Kiir and his failures thru vote. That can’t be achieved thru armed and violence as we all can see, Kiir is getting stronger.
      And point being, Riek Machar is not equal to Salva Kiir and if people are forced to choose btn the two, majority including myself will easily support Kiir. People know history and will never forget it.

      • Riek of 1991, 2013, and still calling for more violence.
        You can delete others’ opinions as much you want, but Riek in eyes of many remain as so.


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