Women on the move

Ambassador Dhano Obongo. Photo: Youtube/File
Ambassador Dhano Obongo. Photo: Youtube/File

By Ambassador Dhano Obongo

December 28, 2016 (SSNA) — These days we observe that around the globe, women are rising in all fields including political leadership.  Those of us supporting this trend find this an exciting era both at home and internationally.  Women are knocking on the door of history.

The former United States of America Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, almost broke the glass ceiling in her bid to become president of her nation.  She did open the door of the twenty first century with a message of opportunity to women.

Next door to us the Honorable Amina Mohammad, Kenya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, aspires to become the chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC).  Three of the four nominees contesting for this position are women.

When the United Nations top position of the multilateral diplomacy arena, Secretary General, was contested earlier this year, three women were in the running for the top job.  On the world stage women are no longer introverted in seeking the pinnacle of leadership.  Task models are abundant worldwide.  American Republicans and Democrats realized it is only a matter of time when gender will not be the governing factor in determining political leadership.  Hillary Clinton opened a wide gate for this movement in her country and around the globe.

Here in our beloved country, we have iron women who are resilience, pioneers and advocators for women and girls rights, e.g. Hon. Rachael Nyadak Paul, Presidential Advisor on Gender & Human Rights Issue, Hon.Jemma Kumba, Acting Secretary General of the SPLM & Minister of Wildlife, Conservation and Tourism, Hon. Awut Achuel Deng, Minister of Gender, Child and Social welfare plus Hon. Dr. Nadia Dudi , Minister of Youth, Sport & Culture just to mention few.

Many men struggle with this new phenomenon.  I appeal to all the men of our beloved republic to empower women and girls to enter the political and economic arenas.  Scientific research shows that educating women and girls raises household income and welfare.  It is not a multiple choice decision, yet, women need to work hard.  Being a key breadwinner is not only good for women but also for the entire family.

Preserving ancient tradition in the modern era inhibits development of the full potential in our family life and does not enhance men in true leadership of the household.  In industry and politics there are incredibly brilliant and hard working women who will provide successful workers.  We need to empower women to overcome poverty and enhance the full potential of people. May God bless our women?

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  • Yes, Women are on the move but South Sudanese women who are holding the positions mentioned are only figure heads with no voice. What have they done to the majority of women at the grass root level or middle class (if any). How did they rise to that level?. What roles are they playing in stopping the crazy war in SS, that is displacing many fellow women and children? Reading number of women in leadership is not the issue but what they deliver or will deliver in improving the nation for better and peaceful is what matters.


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