The Nertiti Massacre: The real meaning of al-Bashir’s declared “cease-fire”


By Eric Reeves

January 2, 2017 (SSNA) — We learn today from a wide range of sources just how meaningful Omar al-Bashir’s declaration of a one-month extension of his nominal “cease-fire” really is (see Sudan Tribune, January 1, 2017 | Radio Dabanga, Sudan Tribune, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-North, and the Darfur Union in the UK have all reported within the last 24 hours on the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) massacre of civilians in Nertiti, Central Darfur (formerly West Darfur). Figures for casualties vary but suggest that some 60 – 70 civilians were killed or wounded during the vicious SAF rampage (Darfur Union UK lists the names and ages of 11 people killed—five of them under the age of 17; see below). Notably, Radio Dabanga reports that the UN/African Union “hybrid” Mission in Darfur did not respond in any way to the massacre—the perfect image of impotence and indifference that now define UNAMID.

In the wake of such a brutal assault, condemned as of yet by no international actor of consequence, all we may be sure of is that al-Bashir’s “cease-fire” will end whenever his generals declare it is time to finish their genocidal business in Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile. The dry season has begun, and we should recall that the massive and brutal Jebel Marra offensive began exactly a year ago; there is simply no reason not to expect a follow-up campaign this year.

This brutal assault on innocent civilians by regular army forces is emblematic of just what the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party has always represented. That the countries of Europe and the Obama administration continue to seek rapprochement with these génocidaires for reasons of self-interest reflects the moral emptiness of their foreign policies toward Sudan.

[Warning: I have included several deeply disturbing photographs of several victims of the massacre]


  • Sudanese forces kill 9 civilians in Central Darfur | Sudan Tribune| January 1, 2017 (ZALINGEI)

Sudanese government forces in Nertiti, Central Darfur State, killed at least nine civilians on Sunday with guns in an apparent revenge attack for the murder of a soldier, a local activist said. Abdallah Saleh al-Shafie humanitarian official of displaced persons and refugees association told Sudan Tribune that the government forces in Nertiti launched an indiscriminate attack on the civilians using heavy and light weapons after a soldier was found dead in the area.

Al-Shafie confirmed that nine people were killed and 60 wounded, some of them are seriously hurt. He added that government troops looted civilian property and broke into shops in Nertiti-North and Nertiti-South markets. He said the body of the murdered soldier was found lying in the street, stressing that the offender was not identified. The humanitarian official said dozens of wounded civilians are treated at the UNAMID hospital as Nertiti hospital was unable to receive them.

Further the government forces arrested 15 people during the “barbaric and savage,” attack, as he said, while others fled the area and sought protection in the area just outside the UNAMID site.

The Central Darfur State security committee visited the area of the attack and held a meeting that lasted for several hours during the night. Following the meeting a local official told Sudan Tribune that “the situation has returned to calm.” The government officials claim rebel elements that fled from Jebel Marra battles are now sheltered in IDPs camps and neighbourhoods of Nertiti.

Rebels Condemn

The Sudan Liberation Movement- Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) condemned “Nirtiti massacre” and called on the international community to stop the targeting of civilians in Darfur. “The Sudan Liberation Movement condemns this deliberate attack carried out under direct order of the president of Salvation regime who is wanted for justice and the director of security apparatus. This attack is an evidence to prove the regime’s lack of seriousness to achieve peace in Sudan,” said the SLM-MM spokesperson Mohamed Hassan Haroun. He further said the group does not acknowledge the recent extension of unilateral cessation of hostilities for one month by the Sudanese president. The SLM reiterates its rejection to sign any cessation of hostilities or ceasefire agreement unless the regime stops the repeated attacks and unless al-Bashir stops instructing these militias which he directs personally, further said the rebel group.

In a statement released to condemn the attack, the SPLM-N Secretary General Yasir Arman said the regime is committing a war crime to celebrate the New Year. “The SPLM-N calls on the Sudanese public to stand against genocide and war crimes and it appeals to the United Nations Security Council, the United States, and the European Union to take measures against General Bashir,” said Arman. The SPLM-secretary general further said that this attack reminds “all of the international stakeholders of the need for civilian protection in Sudan rather than rewarding General Bashir and casting a blind eye on his war crimes.”

At least two people have been killed and 39 others wounded in an attack by Sudanese army soldiers on Nierteti in Central Darfur on Sunday morning. Voices from across Sudan’s political spectrum have united in condemning the attack. Several political parties have issues strongly-worded statements. Central Darfur Governor Jaafar Abdelhakam has called a press conference for this afternoon.

Witnesses, including some of the wounded told Radio Dabanga that the incident occurred when an army force, driving four Land Cruisers mounted with machine guns, stormed the city and opened fire. It seems that the attack was in response to the killing of one of the army personnel by unknown assailants in Nierteti on Friday. Witnesses said that student Faisal Mohamed Ahmed Ishag of Nierteti higher secondary school, and basic schoolgirl Teyseer Adam Mohammed Ishag, were both killed while within their homes. 16 other people, including women and children, were injured in the gunfire.

The callers reported that 19 more people were either stabbed or beaten with rifle butts by the army personnel. Four Nierteti policemen also reportedly suffered various injuries.

Nierteti market

Another army force then stormed Nierteti market, stole mobile phones and goods from shops and stalls estimated at SDG 50,000 ($7,700). They also plundered some houses in the city.

A third group of soldiers stormed the northern camp for displaced, and stole mobile phones and goods from Koga market. Callers and activists described the situation in Nierteti as ‘tense’: the schools are still closed and people have remained in their homes since early morning amid arrival of a high delegation from the state government from Zalingei to calm the situation.

[NB:] The witnesses also said that Unamid did not react to the attack in any way.


The residents of Nierteti locality held the military garrison commander, Colonel Mohamed El Tayeb, and the locality’s Commissioner fully responsible for the incidents. They strongly demanded the arrest of the perpetrators of the crime, headed by the commander of the garrison who is accused of issuing instructions to attack on the people of the city. The coordinator of the displaced people of Central Darfur condemned the incidents that took place in Nierteti and described the attack on the innocent people as “barbaric and brutal.” The coordinator held the state Governor and Unamid responsible for the incidents “because of their inability to protect the civilians.” On Sunday El Shafie Abdullah, the Coordinator of Central Darfur camps told Radio Dabanga that the attack by the armed forces is condemned and denounced in the strongest terms.

  • from the SPLM-N | January 1, 2017

Yasir Arman, Secretary-General of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) issued a statement saying Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and his government “celebrated the New Year by committing a war crime and carrying out revenge against the civilian populations in the state of Central Darfur…” The SPLM-N calls on the Sudanese public “to stand against genocide and war crimes and it appeals to the United Nations Security Council, the United States, and the European Union to take measures against General Bashir. This massacre is reminding all of the international stakeholders of the need for civilian protection in Sudan rather than rewarding General Bashir and casting a blind eye on his war crimes.”

  • Darfur Union in the United Kingdom

Darfur Union in the UK: The First of January 2017 Marks the First Atrocity Committed by the Government of Sudan in Central Darfur (see below for Arabic: إتحاد دارفور بالمملكة المتحدة – حكومة البشير ومجزرة واحد واحد ٢٠١٧ في نيرتتي، إقليم دارفور

The residents of Nertiti and its localities have welcomed the New Year with much sadness and sorrow. Reports from Central Darfur region (01 January 2017) are just in stating that the Janjaweed militias backed by the government of Sudan troops entered the town of Nertiti killing 11 and injuring 24 civilians. Below are the lists of casualties.

List of murdered locals:

  1. Taisir Mohammed Adam Ishag – 16 years
  2. Faisal Mohammed Mohammed Adam – 25 years
  3. Hanan Mohammed – 27 years
  4. Kawthar Abdelhaleem Adam – 13 years
  5. Abdeljabar Hussien Dawoud – 33 years
  6. Um Alnaem Idriss – 11 years
  7. Mudathir Issa Mohammed – 23 years
  8. Jumma Hussien Siddig – 12 years
  9. Muhammadain Issa – 30 years
  10. Fatima Dawoud – age not confirmed
  11. Mahasin Dawoud – 14 years

List of injured locals:

  1. Jaffar Makki Arbab – age not confirmed
  2. Muhi Eldin Osman – 24 years
  3. Khadija Adam Haroun – 30 years
  4. Hawa Mohammed Adam – 20 years
  5. Zahra Yahya Suleiman – 30 years
  6. Noura Omar Abbaker – 25 years
  7. Sadia Ibrahim – 17 years
  8. Fatima Omar Musa – 45 years
  9. Aisha Yousif Abdelkareem – 52 years
  10. Khadija Salih Hussein – 40 years
  11. Hawai Eldodu – 40 years
  12. Mubarak Adam – 30 years
  13. Amir Makki Ali – 24 years
  14. Mohammed Elhafiz Idriss – 35 years
  15. Mohammed Yousif – 18 years
  16. Haroun Mohammed Yagoub – 25 years
  17. Yasir Abu Algasim – 17 years
  18. Abdel Allah Yagoub Abdelkareem – age not confirmed
  19. Eltaiyb Yahya Adam – 15 years
  20. Saif Eldeen Zakaria – 45 years
  21. Suwar Mohammed Idriss – 45 years
  22. Elyas Yousif – 27 years
  23. Badr Eldeen Haroun – 20 years
  24. Abdelsalam Abbaker Haroun – age not confirmed

Darfur Union in the UK plea to the United Nation Security Council and UK government to open an International lead investigation with regards to the latest crimes and violations of human rights taken place in central Darfur by the government troops. It is high time for the world to turn the attention to Darfur and other war torn areas such as Nuba Mountains and Blur Nile State, as it appears a second Genocide is unfolding before our eyes. Some governments in the world are still providing support to Bashir and his regime; the international community must act by applying pressure on these governments to stop supplying war equipments, which are used directly to kill the innocents across the Sudan. Also more pressure must be applied to allow humanitarian aid agencies to have full access to provide much needed medical attention, food etc. to the locals.

We will continue to provide regular updates we receive from the ground. Copies of this reports plus the aforementioned accounts will be sent to the following:

1) Office of International Criminal Court’s Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda,

2) The Sudans department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

3) United Nation, UNAMID Central Press Office, Khartoum

4) Office of Secretary General, United Nation

5) Office of President of African Union

Kind regards, Osama Mahmoud | Deputy Press Officer, Darfur Union in the United Kingdom


Email address: [email protected]

إتحاد دارفور بالمملكة المتحدة – حكومة البشير ومجزرة واحد واحد ٢٠١٧ في نيرتتي، إقليم دارفور

إستقبل أهالي وسط دارفور – محلية نرتتى بواكير عام ٢٠١٧، بمزيد من الأتراح، حيث توغلت قوات الجنجويد بمسمياتها العدة مدعومة بقوات البشير النظامية الى نرتتي، في عشية ليلة الاول من يناير. وتوارد الأنباء من هناك بوقوع مجزرة جديدة وإرتفع عدد القتلى والجرحى من المدنيين الى العشرات بسبب سلاح مليشيات الجنجويد والجيش والقوات المساندة لها.

وأسماء القتلى الواردة  حتى الآن:-

1_ تيسير محمد ادم إسحاق 16 سنة.

2_ فيصل محمد محمد ادم 25 سنة.

3_ حنان محمد 27 سنة.

4_ كوثر عبدالحليم ادم 13 سنة.

5_ عبدالجبار حسين داؤود 33 سنة.

6_ ام النعيم إدريس 11 سنة.

7_ مدثر عيسى محمد 23 سنة.

8_ جمعة حسين صديق 12 سنة.

9_ محمدين عيسى 30 سنة.

10_ فاطمة داؤود – لم يتوفر السن

11_ محسن داؤود 14 سنة.


1_جعفر مكي ارباب – ام يتوفر السن

2_محي الدين عثمان 24 سنة.

3_خديجة ادم هرون 30 سنة.

4_ حواء محمد ادم 20 سنة.

5_زهراء يحيى سليمان 30 سنة.

6_ نورة عمر ابكر 25 سنة.

7_ سعدية ابراهيم 17 سنة.

8_فاطمة عمر موسى 45 سنة.

9_عائشة يوسف عبدالكريم 52 سنة.

10_خديجة صالح حسين 40 سنة.

11_حواي الدودو 40 سنة.

12_ مبارك ادم 30 سنة.

13_عامر مكي علي 24 سنة.

14_ محمدالحافظ ادريس 35 سنة.

15_ محمد يوسف 18 سنة.

16_هرون محمد يعقوب 25 سنة.

17_ياسر ابوالقاسم 17 سنة.

18_عبدالله يعقوب عبدالكريم.

19_الطيب يحيى ادم 15 سنة.

20_ سيف الدين زكريا 45 سنة.

21_ سوار محمد ادريس 45 سنة.

22_الياس يوسف 27 سنة.

23_بدالرين هرون 20 سنة.

24_عبدالسلام ابكر هرون.

إتحاد أبناء دارفور بالمملكة المتحدة سيقوم بالتحصل على المزيد من المعلومات ومخاطبة كل من الامم المتحدة والحكومة البريطانية والاتحاد الأوربي لفتح تحقيق جديد في هذه الجريمة ضد الإنسانية، ومُساءلة الجهات الحكومية. نطالب المدعية العامة لمحكمة الجنايات الدولية بفتح التحقيقات وبإضافة الجريمة الاخيرة إلى السجل الدامي لعمر البشير ونظامه الحاكم، وايضاً من مجلس الأمن توفير الدعم التام للمحكمة لممارسة أعمالها تطبيق العدالة التي ظل شعب السودان في دارفور ينتظرها. يدعو الإتحاد كل السودانيين لرفع أصواتهم في كل مكان لنصرة اهلهم في المناطق المتضررة.

الصادق على النور

رئيس إتحاد دارفور بالمملكة المتحدة


Eric Reeves is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights.

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