Exxon Mobil in talks with South Sudan over oil deal

Photo: The New York Times

Juba, February 9, 2017 (SSNA) — The US-based Exxon Mobil Corporation is in secret talks with Juba to buy a stake in South Sudan’s vast untapped oil deposit, a senior-level government source familiar with the negotiations told the South Sudan News Agency on Wednesday.

The official, who demanded his identity be submerged because of the sensitivity of the talks, said the government is pleased about the fact that Western oil companies are returning to South Sudan.

“The government is working days and nights to make sure these corporations are awarded stakes in our oil deposits,” the source said, adding “we are happy about the fact that French, UK, and US oil companies are coming back to do business with us.”

The source revealed that France-based oil and gas company Total SA and London-based Tullow Oil Plc have also shown interest in buying stakes of the untapped reserves.

Exxon Mobil, once led by Rex William. Tillerson, the current United States’ Secretary of State, ended oil exploration in 2014 after the civil war broke out.

The source further disclosed to the South Sudan News Agency that “around the clock negotiations” between South Sudanese Petroleum Minister Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth and oil and gas companies are ongoing and that Juba expects “positive outcomes” from the talks.

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  • US was the one that found out the oil in South Sudan anyway, but the US idea of killing other people to get their riches was not going to workout with the South Sudanese people.

    We have other wells here in our greater former Jonglei, and l don’t anyone will deny any corporation that will work with a win-win with the government of South Sudan, the people of Jonglei and our environment.

    Who says, South Sudanese people drink oil? But we it to develop our country since it come out from land and other people has to buy it just South Sudanese commodities from other countries.

    US, under Barack Obama has bungled the good relationship the South Sudanese used to have the Americans people. Barack Obama with his low lives at his states department experimented their foreign policy credentials with our country and our people with their regime change business.

    Little did the fools know that we here in South Sudan, have been fighting every piece of rubbish the world has been throwing at us since we can remember. And any creep who will come to stand over our necks is always fought over even if he/she a god.

    Barack Obama with his crims sponsored a coup in our country, using his Riek Machar madman as his puppet/stooge and Riek Machar followers as his pawns/proxies. The Nuers have now seen and understanding the current war in our country. The Nuers and Dinkas/Jiengs are the same people anyway.

    People always say, kill a Dinka/Jaang and a Nuer will kill you. And it is all the same, kill a Nuer and the Dinka/Jaang will kill you. That is how it done here in Nilotic plains. But a fool like Riek Machar has been playing games with we do things in our Nilotic plains.

  • That is what i want to hear because American people deserve to get something from South Sudan for they have worked hard to help South Sudan gain independence.

  • Nuer Nation will lease what yajaman?

  • Although the deal is ongoing, South Sudanese keep something in mine-the attitudes of American oil companies of Rockefeller. Only few regions where Seven Sister operated have enjoyed their oil and gas not successfully enough. Anyway American have played a big role in the liberation struggle of South Sudan, so be rewarded but under certain concession and sharing contract.


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