South Sudan troops carry out ‘ethnic killings’ in Wau

Two SPLA soldiers stand guard in an undisclosed location. Photo: AFP

Juba, April 10, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudanese soldiers and government-sponsored militia groups have carried out what local residents described as “ethnic killings.”

Residents said Wau town has been besieged by government soldiers and armed militias loyal to Juba’s regime.

“They killed children, students going to school. When they find anyone in the road they kill them,” one resident told the Associated Press. Another eyewitness added, “Most of those doing it are guys in military uniform, this is clear. You can see they are carrying the flag of South Sudan.”

Resident revealed that targeted killing began Sunday evening and that both government soldiers and their allied militia target Fertit and Luo tribes.

The targeted killings occurred barely a day after a fierce fighting between government and rebel forces in Wau.

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  • Ethnic cleansing is the rebels’ propaganda in the mouths of local civilians who are not targeted by the government forces. From Where do Government troop or rebel soldiers come? They come from all tribe like Luo, Fertit and so on. All soldiers are relations of civilians in many ways. Though nobody target these civilians, they lie about being ethnically cleansed as a way to seek some international condemnations, aimed at damaging the image of the government troop while protecting the image of their rebel relatives. In addition, civilians lie about ethnic cleansing in exchange of food and other assistances from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. If a civilian tells humanitarian agencies that nothing bad is done to him or her by the government forces,the agencies such as UNHCR and WFP will simply refuse to give aid to them. All the lies about ethnic cleansing, displacement, and other atrocities are constantly being blurted out because the UN and its agencies are neighbours next door to them. If the UN and NGOs leave today,the violence such as attacking government soldiers and all these lies will actually stop. The UN doesn’t want to leave because it gets its funds to survive from donors who give money in exchange of horrible stories that make them godly lifesavers.

  • So

  • Kiir have right to use chemical weapon

  • Ilongomoi ohitai
    April 10, 2017 8:44 pm

    The country who support thir trible is involving in ethnic killing

  • They have to pay Taxes, instead of using South Sudan for themselves only. They love meats, but they do not like Dinka.


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