South Sudan drops poisonous gas on rebel-held territories

Photo: Jamii Radio

Juba/Addis Ababa, April 15, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudanese government has dropped containers of toxic gas on rebel-held areas in Bieh State, a senior rebel military source told the South Sudan News Agency on Saturday.

The official who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak said the government used at least three military helicopters to drop the poison gas.

“After days of failed attempt to capture our areas in Waat, the genocidal regime in Juba decided to use poisonous gas on our gallant forces and civilians. The gas is suffocating people. People affected by this gas attack are experiencing severe coughing,” the officer told the South Sudan News Agency.

Lt. Col. Lam Paul Gabriel with the SPLA-IO military command also released a statement, confirming the gas attack.

“After failing to defeat the SPLA-IO forces with regular weapons, the Juba government Militias under the command Governor John Gony Biliew of Akobo State and Majiok Gatluak Thoa of Bieh State used poisonous gas that blindfolds, weakens, makes someone loses focus and causes sneezing while attacking SPLA-IO positions and civilians in the IDP Camps,” Gabriel said the gas use has been systematic, saying, “This criminal acts of cowardice by the Juba Government started on 11th April 2017 in Yuai, proceeded to Waat on 14/04/2017 and still going on with an aim of reaching Akobo.”

Gabriel said rebel forces have tactically withdrawn from Waat Saturday night to focus on civilian evacuations.

“There are many civilians casualties in Yuai and Waat due to this act of terrorism by the Juba regime,” he said.

The armed opposition calls on the African Union (AU), Troika countries and the international community to immediately send investigators to Bieh and Akoba states to investigate what it described as “this use of poisonous gas by the Juba regime.” The SPLA-IO urges the international community to send a medical team to the affected areas to treat those affected by the alleged gas attack.

One senior rebel official in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, told the South Sudan News Agency today that the armed opposition intelligence branches have evidence showing Ugandan government is secretly assisting South Sudanese government in the gas campaign.

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  • Chemical and biological weapons or ammunitions​ are not sold to third world countries like South Sudan. Only Libya under Qaddafi had poisonous gas which it didn’t purchase overseas but manufactured it.

    The rebels’

    • u know when Qaddafi lost power a lot of things got lost

      • After qaddafi lost power, the overseas invaders destroyed chemical weapon stockpiles and took the technology used to make them. In addition Libyans​ lost peace, stability and oil wealth. The country is now chaotic.

      • You are right Mr Mashan.. Gadaafi was one having Chemical weapons in Africa but during the war in Libya Gaddafi has given all his belong to those mecenary who fight along with with him. Those mecenaries includes Darfur Rebel( JEM) and SPLA- N who happen to day as friend to Salva Kiiir

        • Rajil Jalaba
          April 22, 2017 7:38 pm

          How stupid are you to claim that SPLA-N fought alongside Gadhafi do you really know what SPLA-N visions are? better we exterminate you together with your Master Bashir than going to foreign nations because we fight with a cause not for material gain like what your master Riek used to open his ass to Bashir for the exchange of goods. are you aware that riek sold some of your fighters to Bashir in exchange of military support? your Mercenaries are being ripped naked in Yemen

    • Dobuol Yang Riek
      April 16, 2017 4:36 am

      stupid government killed his peoples no peace for salva kirr mayardit, until kirr must step down

  • Abraham Wal Gatwech
    April 15, 2017 2:08 pm

    The international communities doesn’t care about the death of thousands of Nuer or the death of others south sudanese tribes but they do care about the jieng people who are currently destroting the young country and its people with help of other African brothers.
    In this to days’ world many countries makes living by sucking other peoples’ bloods.
    For this fact ,iam advising our south sudanese citizens who become victims and still be victimized by the very regime in juba, let take the Rwanda suite to releave ourselves from this fate and forget about complain that will bring us no help.
    Lets’ keep focusing on how to challange the regime in juba.
    Lets’unite our ranks and file and match forward to topple down that terrorist regime in juba.
    Unity is our strength, without unity, no success.
    If no success,then our people will suffer alot .

  • South Sudan drops poisonous gas on rebel-held territories - Africanews
    April 15, 2017 2:59 pm

    […] Voir la source originale de l’article […]

  • SPLA/IO Need to understand there is no help else will be there in South Sudan. SPLM/IO Need to put their hand on anything to defeated the Juba genocides regime by getting weapons or chemical weapons too as well as defeating Slava Kiir so called the useless, none visions leader tribalism genocides president of South Sudan.

  • Mawit kumdan
    April 15, 2017 4:35 pm

    April 15-2017 the use of chemical gas on innocent civilians being carry out by juba regime is a totally a violations of human right that should not be practices by human but animal. The whole world is aware of that devil act
    I think every body know that the goal of the government in not just to win the war and rule but to exterminate the people of South Sudan in order that they for life

  • Kiir should be held accountable to the ongoing genocide in SS. Sooner than later, Juba war mongers should fall down and smell the coffee. They can’t go scot free. No.
    l appeal to all non Dinkas in SS to integrate and put the blood sucker regime under siege. The Dinka tribe is too small for SS and the country is not their property.
    Viva Cde Machar et al, don’t ever let the regime scot free. Defend yourself at all cost and l want to assure them that African Union failed not only SS but many nations. Look what Uhuru Kenyatta is doing. They all don’t care about peoples lives, so defending yourself is the only option. You can’t fold your hands whilst your people are being slaughtered everyday under the watchful eye of all World leaders. No. Kiir has no license to kill South Sudanese. No. If AUs conspiracy issued him one they must withdraw before he falls down. At this juncture I’m happy to note that the likes of Museveni saw the light and hopefully, he shall cut Juba support immediately.
    Lastly,Mogae and associates soiled their standing in SS by siding with Kiir, therefore they should do SS favour by quiting their conspiracy job. Without any shadow of a doubt, he is now part and parcel of Kiir, hence his continued stay in Juba is a waste of time and resources, otherwise he shall face the same fate with his African fellow, barbarian, Kiir.
    May God save South Sudan.

  • Mut Banguot Panoam
    April 15, 2017 10:39 pm

    World leaders nowadays focuses on sacrifice.

  • One leg standing regime,shameless idiot mathian anyor are braging but they will try all in vein viva io

  • Akech Pandit
    April 16, 2017 1:29 am

    No cry or wailing because you are still very strong. International community are not able to stop poisonous gas against rebels. Let them sneeze and cough to taste it.

  • How shameful is this government?How can a government use a systematic poisons against its own citizens.As a South Sudanese citizens, we are calling up on INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and all other human rights agencies to argently turn to such matter and investigate it.South Sudanese have been dying since 2013 December and no action that could cease that death from International Community.We are particularly calling up on UN Secretary general to take rescue action on South Sudanese citizens.

  • Rebels have to accept peace let people go back to normal life

  • Bismark LoWani
    April 16, 2017 4:59 am

    Non-Dinka and level headed Dinka must unite to rescue the country from these Gogrial devils. I wonder if Salva Kiir and his JCE are genuine South Sudanese because if they were they would not have used chemical weapons against fellow citizens. The war they are now fighting is now for occupation therefore citizens must rise up to the challenge of freeing the country.

  • Ochang Bashroba
    April 16, 2017 6:37 am

    You the ones destroying the country of South Sudan for following leader Riek Macher. If we all stop fighting now South Sudan will be peaceful. Yeah got to think sometime what will benefit people and the rest of South Sudanese people. Because sometime fighting with gun can’t never win the war. People gotta to talk peacefully or election and peaceful protesting so your voice can heard.

    • Brother Ochang Basroba what are talking about.
      Riek Macher went to Juba to implement the peace which was signed.
      Salva was the one who was not for peace, he put an necessary reservations.
      At the end he planned to kill Maher.
      You have to be a sensible human being.
      With people like you is why South Sudan is in chaos.
      Taban Thomas.

    • Garang Ayiei
      April 18, 2017 2:11 pm

      Bro you have so spoken than these idiots calling for the death. Death don’t discriminates. We need to find solutions to our problems using a peaceful means not gun or trying to blame one party or the other. Riek and kiir are enjoying what they sow. What of mere citizens?
      Better denounce violent since it is the only last refuge of incompetents.

  • Call for peace has fallen on deaf ear. New dawn of all out war across South Sudan is on horizon. let’s focus on this, it is time. No women no cry.

  • Obena Mothiang
    April 16, 2017 12:39 pm

    Satan the devel lead SPLA.IG and SPLA.IO into ashes because they use chemical weponse and posoinius gas to kill inocence people. Our leaders please, stop lauphing the suffering of civilian and trying to bring down the comanders who are in the field give them advice tell them also to advice their forces not to take up posoinius weponce to kill each other specialy civilian if you kill all this, who will you rule?

  • For me I think and will continue to think that neither the government nor the opposition are right… this conflict is an age old and it will never be solved a solution will only be reached after some painful things like that between the Hutu and the Tutsi of Rwanda… nobody will win

  • May the powers of that that brought us into this world guide us, protect us and provide us with the necessary knowledge, wisdom and courage to unite both the IG and IO, for we are ONE [South Sudanese].

  • By the way, in a battle situation, God is on both sides….

  • Robert gatgiey
    April 16, 2017 10:06 pm

    it’s a big shame on south Sudan to use poison gas to his armies. later on ,who will be a victim ? u South Sudanese u will be a victimized of those poisoners gas that ur using in ur land.

  • Good country like s.Sudan will never be forget

  • Whenever empty argument is thrown wish group don’t impartiality participate in because what happened in Juba date 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 July 2016 was Riek risking his life through fake VP position and the lives of people and I don’t see the chance cleansing Dinka, or Bahar_elghzal from the your family south Sudan. Likewise some of the tribesman don’t know that Bahar_elghzal don’t want Kiir if Mr.Risky was human being to claim staying at home without interference from salva Administration. And not forgetting Equatorian insanity that are killing Dinka while the war which declared was because of the vice president post given to James Wani. Finally; to achieve peace in young nation we should dropped off guns and embrace peaceful coexistence otherwise rebel are empowering Kiir government to stay in power more years

  • This is what a poor leader can do ….one who love only money …. I know God will avenge their cause…

    • Titilayo Okusanya
      April 18, 2017 3:13 pm

      You are right and even when the war is done and they killed everybody in Sudan you would they rule?

  • You’re lying

  • Kuong Ruach-Lam Jany
    April 18, 2017 6:49 pm

    Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo is the author of “This American Life Sef!” our African brothers saying the facts as they are, I am telling our Dinka brother this man, Salva Kiir Mayardit is tarnishing the name of very important people (Dinka) in South Sudan as to be bad and murderers like what he is doing…!!!

  • There is no physical prove of using chemical weapon and doesn’t make sense because the country’s economic situation in decreasing. Then how they get the money to buy these destructive weapon ?

  • There is no physical prove that the government had used chemical weapons in the current war if so then instead of buying guns and weapons better to deliver services to the effected citizens and the current GDP is 2 billion dollars a year so it will be impossible.

    Independent Blogger

  • What all the commentators on news channels need to know is that Muonyjang are just suffering like Nuers and other tribes in this country. we allowed ourselves to be divided along ethnic lines for Riek and Kiir to stay and enjoy their benefits. No one is winning this war unless we join hands and say not to tribal wars

  • Southsudan going mad I know I will be your president oh Sudanese

  • This country is not for tribalism so my bros if you confesses to your nation who will wake her up?????????

  • The Troika underlines that the dire humanitarian crisis in South Sudan is the direct result of the conflict and demands that all parties cease violence against humanitarian workers and obstruction of humanitarian assistance. Military offensives and the obstruction of lifesaving assistance must stop immediately in order to end the suffering and severe food shortages inflicted upon millions across South Sudan.

  • Qurashi Yusuf
    April 23, 2017 6:02 am

    using of poisonous gas it an act of international crime, there must be international transparent investigation to assure that south Sudan government used chemical weapon against it is own citizens, same like Bashar Al Asaad did for his people, the rebels and the government has to sit for negotiations to solve the conflict, and to call for general elections monitor by international society, president kir has to step down and interim government to arrange for the elections, because the people of south Sudan suffer a lot from fighting and killing of innocent civilian

  • David KOLORINA
    May 8, 2017 9:59 am

    Chemical weapon is a much weapon for destruction. It is made to destroy a specific area comprising a huge number of people. The government of south Sudan of the so call SPLA should not have applied this method in the war.


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