Gaatjaak Nuer warn of “scorched-earth campaign” after government-backed militias attacked their territories


Soldiers of the Jikany-dominated SPLA-IO fifth division. Photo: File

Pagak, June 4, 2017 (SSNA) — The leaders of Gaatjaak of Jikany Nuer have passed a resolution endorsing a campaign of what they described as a “scorched-earth campaign” after a group of armed militias believed to be backed by Juba attacked their areas, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has learned.

The SSNA obtained records confirming that leaders of all six sections of the Gaatjaak Nuer secretly met on the 1st of June in Pagak, just a few days after a well-armed militia group attacked their areas.

At the meeting venue, the leaders of Gaatjak demanded that the South Sudan News Agency “publish only what they want,” causing an intense debate between the SSNA crews and the local leaders.

As the meeting progressed, the lead person (name withheld) who managed the meeting publicly branded the attack as “government-sponsored,’ claiming, “If you want to attack the Greater Gaatjaak Community, then come with your own body bag.”

The meeting was dominated by angry young men who kept shouting, “Those who attacked Gaatjaak land will regret it.”

About an hour after the meeting began, top SPLA-IO Generals joined the meeting. A few minutes after the armed opposition Generals arrived, Lt. General Peter Thok Chuol Luak who was visibly angry was led to the podium.

“Infiltrating Gaatjaak land will never succeed. If you are a supporter of Kiir and wants to attack Gaatjaak places, then your pass to success is zero, Luak declared.

“Our young men tough them a lesson they will never forget,” he asserted, adding, “I don’t think anyone who survived the mighty Gaatjaak sons will return to attack us.”

“We will wage a scorched-earth campaign against anyone who tries to attack us,” he warned.

“If you are a Juba man and thinks you can succeed in Gaatjaak land, then you are wrong,” he asserted. Adding, “try it at your own risk.”

On May 29, a militias group believed to be from Gaatjiok Nuer launched surprise attacks on several Gaakjaak territories, leaving a score of dead civilians. The fighting ended on or about June 1st.

Leaders of the United States-based Jikany Nuer Community (JNC-UA) told the South Sudan News Agency that they are working days and nights to make sure that the Greater Jikany Nuer remains united. One leader who demanded anonymity described the attackers as “thieves who were bribed by Salva kiir and Taban Deng Gai.”

“I am happy that the thieves were told by the Gaatjaak sons and daughters that their thieving camping will never succeed,” he asserted.

The SSNA management is currently negotiating with the Gaatjjak leaders to release full minutes of the Pagak meeting.

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  • Gaatjaak Nuer warn of “scorched-earth campaign” after government-backed militias attacked their territories – Our South Sudan
    June 4, 2017 9:06 pm

    […] post Gaatjaak Nuer warn of “scorched-earth campaign” after government-backed militias attacke… appeared first on South Sudan News […]

  • Gatluak Gach Chuol
    June 4, 2017 10:28 pm

    Gaajak community thanks for your meeting please put Nuer unity first.

  • Dear South Sudanese, when shall we talk about national issues? our communities are important but should not be the pillar of our political agenda.
    God bless you all and lets see where we are heading to

  • both bol deng
    June 6, 2017 6:34 pm

    We are ever united for the defend of our Territory as Gaatjaak despite the influence of Nuerwews by Tabanist whose aims is to eat and disunited and later caused insecurity to give Chance for their political greediness that has losses many lives “we don’t associate with food lovers

  • Let us see Juba regime for what is doing to South Sudanese citizen. We the Gaa-Jaak sons & daughters, let us stand firm this time for not allowing enemies to our land. The land of peace, love, and harmony since 1983 to 84 & 5 is our land. It’s too shame for us to sell our beloved land to the enemies who after playing with our mothers, wives, daughters & sisters. Please, let it not happen in our land. Now every south Sudanese citizens had already satisfied the way Juba government ruling this Nation. So the God of all be with you guys.

    • Dear brother Kuey Chuol, you’re absolutely right. However, not only the Gaa-Jaak sons & daughters but all of us must stand together to get rid of this “Evil Gold Digger”


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