Exclusive: Ugandan troops to return to South Sudan

Uganda’s Museveni (R), South Sudan’s Kiir (L). Photo: Uganda’s Presidential Protection Unit (PPU)

Juba, June 14, 2017 (SSNA) — Ugandan and South Sudanese governments have secretly been working on a plan to allow Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) to reenter South Sudan and control specific locations, a senior government official who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal told the South Sudan News Agency in the capital, Juba.

The plan, according to the official, is designed to allow Uganda to deploy its troops along major roads linking Kampala with Juba. The official reveals that South Sudanese President Salva Kiir wants Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to deploy UPDF’s soldiers to some areas he deems a threat to his government.

“There is an active discussion between South Sudan and Uganda over the possibility of Uganda’s military reintervention in our country. Kiir and Museveni started talking about bringing back UPDF to South Sudan last month [May],” the official said.

The source also states that Kiir and Museveni were infuriated when some leaders of the African Union, United Nations, and other countries publicly admitted that the August 2015 peace agreement is dead, adding, “Kiir and Taban believe the implementation of the peace agreement is going smoothly.”

“President Kiir is only implementing what he wants not the peace. The big problem here is that Taban Deng Gai who is now the First Vice President has no power to change anything Kiir wants and it is a big problem,” the source added. The official described the FVP Gai as “a man with no real power.”

South Sudan’s armed opposition, the SPLM/A-IO, has intensified its operation against government troops in and around Equatoria region, causing Uganda’s truck drivers to stop delivery of Ugandan goods to Juba.

Ugandan traders have recently called on Ugandan leader Museveni to order occupation of main roads linking South Sudan with Uganda, claiming Kampala has rights to protect its business interests in the war-wracked young nation.

Uganda is South Sudan’s biggest trading partner.

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  • Julius Atwine
    June 14, 2017 3:29 pm

    museveni never send our brothers to die in south Sudan, unless your also tired and insane like this Juba so called government.
    let them make peace with their own brothers, if they cannot make peace, let them fight, and the winner will take it all. never send our brothers to fight people in south Sudan. let them defend our own territory. to hell with salvar kiir, who cannot even make peace.

    • I support museveni’s idea of taking troops there coz I think these s.Sudanese plan the attacks so as to get a living and their fellow brothers can’t stop them coz afterwards they share,the Ugandan troops will not spare any one coz they will also be keen on their lives,ooyee oyeee oyeeee,UPDF to juba to keep peace I support it 100%,if these guys remain guarding that high way to juba,it can never be secure at any time,that is their garden now

    • Ashaba Arnold
      June 16, 2017 1:06 am

      I would advise you to first read about states’ obligations to other states, state international law principles and international law in general.

      You will realize that that’s the best thing Uganda can do at a moment. We want international trade with S.Sudan to boost our economy, but there must be a price to pay, there is never been such a thing as nothing for nothing, some lives maybe lost though we pray not to loose any.

      It’s a worthy move.

  • Exclusive: Ugandan troops to return to South Sudan – Our South Sudan
    June 14, 2017 9:04 pm

    […] post Exclusive: Ugandan troops to return to South Sudan appeared first on South Sudan News […]

  • Comment *wrong and dangerous step if taken as planned to deploy ugandan army there .Instead Elegu marjet to be opened fir ugandan traders to sell their commodities within ugandan soils.
    This will not creat perennial problem of revenge other wise all ugandans will be enemy to the I. O forces for the rest of life remember those who have intension to help kirr one day will retire from the service and who else do they want to take the burden so l do not support thus idea if kirr can not manage let him resigne what uganda can do is only to host refugees.

  • Obena Mothiang
    June 15, 2017 12:18 am

    Ugadan, President Yoyeri M7 is a grate “terorist” in Africa because he killed many leaders secretly including south sudan hamble leader Dr. John Garang. So someone who is dull and a trible leader like “Kiir” he’s a friend to. Imergine now he directing president Kiir to do something which is not good for the people of south sudan killing, raping and looting people properties by gov’t forces again he want to bring his troop to protect Kiir and his tribe. All in all south sudanese have finished only the remainder one have scape to neigbouring cauntries.

  • […] Uganda and South Sudan have reached an agreement that will see Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) re-enter South Sudan reports the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA). […]

    • m7 is right on that, a lot of Ugandans working in S.Sudan are dying everyday. no one is controlling them. so if updf is there to protect our interests and our people with their businesses , the better

  • Patrick Lubang Yakobo
    June 15, 2017 2:02 am

    Museveni and Kiir just want to occupy South Sudan. But God will never allow them. South Sudan was meant for all South Sudanese, not only for the Dinkas! Kiir and Museveni should remember that the wages of crime and sin is death. Mr. Museveni, why are you not satisfied with your own gains in Uganda? Why do you interfere with South Sudanese affairs?

  • Money should not be your problem to sacrifice peoples sons and daughters to die in the country that donot accept peace,Uganda can still do better without protecting its business interest in the blood thirsty country south Sudan.Yes give chance to who will over ride the other.Once your a revolutionary just because of the injustice,tribalism,corruption,sectarianism to mention but few in your country.

  • Everything is business when it comes to Museveni. The world thought UPDF Congo campaign was because of the mineral wealths, and Sudan now South SUdan with no mineral wealths apart from timbers would make Museveni not have much interest in South SUdan.

    So now we have seen since 2013 December UPDF were already marching into South SUdan before the famous day of December 14th 2013. Each soldiers was being paid stagering USD 100 per day for every 3000 and more troops sent to South SUdan. Romours were that millions of dollars were shipped from central bank to Uganda for safe custody. I wonder if they really came back. But interestingly, we do not know that Museveni has been a middle man in all the arm deals S.Sudan has done since 2005. It made millons of dollars in the recent deals.
    Above all Uganda became the sole supplier for ammunations for SPLA. Uganda has a factorry for talagat ammunations located at Nakasongola.
    One would now see how Museveni has profitted in SOuth SUdan more than the Congo and Rwanda campaigns.

  • Dhieu Francis Mangar
    June 15, 2017 3:03 am

    We in South Sudan are tired of foreign intervention in our issues n above all the so called democratically elected president of South Sudan(Kiir),if only Kiir could leave together with his gangs,South Sudan would be a dreamland for every human on planet earth but now it’s a nightmare for every living thing on planet earth,I mean every living thing!

  • For the case of now, its quite more different than it was in 2013 in juba, so museveni should think twice before invasion otherwise the UPDF might end up being in the same situation as the mathiong anyor for poul malong.

  • Museveni and Kiir should not waste time on these temporary measures. In stead, they should focus on bringing lasting peace to south Sudan.

    June 15, 2017 10:07 am

    Let M7 should protect his own people rather than protecting foreigners when his people are killing them selfs

  • Let m7 send troops there because without Uganda no s Sudan .peace needs Uganda to intervene

  • Tribalism president Dinka Slava Kiir always claimed they the majority in the country and they can’t protect their own government against other minority Nuer tribe community. UGANDA, will paid for this war one day. They think, they can protected only one side tribalism dictatorship leader who had useless vision.

  • Museveni must know that he is not a living stone in Uganda.Why again bring his Soldiers in South Sudan?
    Why support a Country that has no vision for its people.If a hatred speeches can be spoken by its Leaders,is this a country?Let South Sudanese find a solution for themselves not you Museveni.You have benefited with South Sudanese dollors alot,so leave it alone.After all you intervention in South Sudan these days will be of no value but other than bringing your soldiers here to die.

  • If abig man wants to die ,he will make sure he died safe,leave his chilrens safe without ademand from any behind his death, Therefore MZEE MUSEVENI has already made an error to its own people ,but god is great (WEST NILE,NORTHERN UGANDA) you dont fear,you and we equatorians are one people so nwver mind . the only thing is those MUNYAKOLEs,WAGANDAs, are going to pay the price of that deplpyement of UPDF in south sudan soil

  • Please deploy so dinkas don’t come to uganda. They cause trouble and run to live in uganda.
    It’s sickening to see this group of people with their arrogance, very lazy but like high life

  • Amos Dhuki amos
    June 16, 2017 3:42 pm

    Let Uganda government learn lesson from the past. let him think what happened to the UPDF in upper Nile and jonglei? he can bring yes and start their operations, only few will return to Uganda. IO is a very wide rebellion of its kind in Africa. without Dr.Riek, the war is still vibrant. for this, let Uganda believe in this rebellion that, it will take the country with time.

  • if woman lost his husband let the widow leave but not to be inherited so we need democracy


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