South Sudan rebels warn of “imminent collapse of Juba regime”


Soldiers of the SPLA-IO 5th division. Photo: File

Pagak, June 25, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudan’s armed opposition, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) under the leadership of Former First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar issued a stern warning Sunday, saying there is a looming collapse of Juba’s regime and that South Sudanese government should prepare for its “complete disintegration.”

The warning comes less than two days after the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO announced in a statement that it will honor its soldiers who were killed in July 2016 when government forces launched surprised attacks on rebel troops at J1. The armed opposition also calls on all its supporters worldwide to honor those killed in Juba last year.

Johnson Wal Hoth, an official with rebel military command said the current South Sudan’s transitional government of national unity is fake and that it is being run by “thugs and visionless leaders” who wouldn’t even know when their time is up.

“The SPLM/A-IO has been working for peace but Salva Kiir is not for peace, he wants to keep the same system that destroys the country,” Hoth told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in rebel headquarters, Pagak.

“So, our main goal now is to topple Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime. There is an imminent collapse of Juba regime,” Hoth asserted, adding, “Juba is run by thugs and visionless leaders” who don’t care about the future of the country.

“Juba regime should prepare for its complete disintegration,” he warned.

Hoth, who refused to give details on his statements when pressed by the SSNA also stated that the armed opposition will never be part of what he described as “Kiir’s self-serving national dialogue and the so-called SPLM reunification.” He further warned that Kiir’s refusal to abide by the August 2015 peace will result in a humiliating end.

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  • Bismark LoWani
    June 25, 2017 7:15 pm

    That is exactly what a sensible person would say. Why is ARCISS not earnestly accepted and therefore implemented honestly as signed by the two major signatories of the protocols. This agreement was crafted under the supervision of international community by all South Sudan political, civil and religious parties with the exception of Dinka (Jieng) Council of Elders) who designed reservations in order to abort its smooth implementation as it is today. It is therefore imperative and necessary to work out a mechanism of getting rid of a system that is standing on the way to peace for poor people of South Sudan. This therefore needs a unity of purpose, sacrifice and determination by patriotic sons of the country. The so called national dialogue is a mirage of peace making mechanism that is initiated by jieng council of elders and it is theirs alone. It is not for people of South Sudan whose blood is still dripping in search of permanent peace in their country. Their peace, freedom and independence has been hijacked by these evil members of jieng council of elders.

  • But Riek is not the president of South Sudan.

    • Dragon k m d
      June 26, 2017 5:19 am

      Plize ‘ why not?
      For he’s the really president of we south sudanese plize! No way of ejecting him.

  • South Sudan rebels warn of “imminent collapse of Juba regime” – Our South Sudan
    June 25, 2017 9:07 pm

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  • I am one of the presenters on an Indigenous Ugandan, Radio Munansi in Los Angeles, Calofornia. Our mission is to educate and inform all brothers and sister of the Great Lakes region about Rwandese Tutsi refugees who deceptively took over the government of Uganda by having become sleeper cells after over thirty years of stay in Uganda. They took advantage of Idi Amin and Obote dictatorships in pretending that they were Indigenous members of Ankole tribe in Western Uganda. They had adopted Ugandan Indigenous names of other tribes too! In this way they wish to use Uganda to create a Tutsi empire! Rwandese/Burundian Tutsis have been using Uganda and its central location as a base to invade Uganda’s neighnors! Souther Sudan is one of those countries they are interested in. They already control Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. Burundi is under their watch and indirectly controlled. Nkuuruziza whose mother is said to be Tutsi and his father Hutu, seems to be acceptanle under Tutsi long term goals. Joseph abila in Congo is a son of a Tutsi woman who was married to Lauret Kabila who it has neen reported was assasinated by Kagame, Museveni’s henchman. Jozeph Kanila is a Tutsi adopted by Lauret Kabila after Museveni Tutsi marriege for convinience!! We wish to thank His excellency General Machar for his wisdom and efforts to keep the people of Southern Sudan united. Museveni is the worst genocidal dictator that (Tamare) Africa has ever seen. Museveni and Kagame have killed millions in Uganda Rwanda and Congo in effort to achieve the fifty year Tutsi master plan to comtrol the region. If we don’t inform our fellow neighnors and unite with them, Museveni and his British, American and Israel puppet masters will succeed in their goal to take comtrol of the richest African mineral and oil resources in the world. As suprrficially poor as we may be we should speak and condemn white racist supremacist neocolonialists effort to commit genocide on African people through their Black African puppets in Dictators Museveni,Kagame,Kabila and Kirr.

    • Appullii Jaasi,
      Obviously you are a Hutu, one who wipe out his fellow countrymen. When it comes to South Sudan, Riek Machar is a Hutu, whose hands are full South Sudanese blood since 1991.

    • Bill Mullen
      June 26, 2017 5:56 am

      Who is this nut? His rambling accusations make no sense if one has any real understanding of Uganda.

    • Appuullis Jaasi.
      You are absolutely wrong to make comparison of the past Rwanda and South Sudanese case. First of all, the former Vice President of South Sudanese is a trouble makers than any other politician in the world. His political interest has let million innocents people lost their dearly lives and he should get life in jail instead allowed him always to speak out on the air. Second to that, some few tribes in South Sudan are more dangerous and among the Top trriable tribes are 1. Nuer Tribe 2. Murle Tribe 3. Toppoas Tribe Dingdinga Tribe Mundria Tribe and Boyay Tribe just to mention but there are others therefore, these rebels from Nuers Tribe would never be allowed to take over the young nation even if the current president step down. The Uganda problem is not big as you know the Joseph Kony was been kick out in South Sudan by the SPLA Army. Please keep singing about Riek Machar Teny but he will never be allowed to rule the people who have left from his criminal rebellion war Ideolgy

  • South Sudan has not future. just only struggling for tomorrow.

  • there is no state of collapse in Juba regime.
    Secondly judging underrated tored rebellion party (SPLM IO) as conservative seekers of peace is the most concocted statement after genocidal accusations.
    Noway for SPLM IO is a peace for south Sudan itself.

  • achuil friedman
    June 26, 2017 4:31 am


  • What all of us must acknowledge is that No boundary can exist without God’s decision and if it is then it cannot last and prosper. It is implied that, even leadership at levels and generations is okayed by Him for the purpose. Henceforth, strategic thinking, trusting in God and preventing ourselves in such godly and humanitarian manner can make us achieve a lot. Waging war with our physical effort has always left massive losses of lives and quality of life; without the invisible or spiritual interventions. Though we have had wars in the holy writings, there were always reasons probably for God to protect the righteousness of His nation . Therefore, should we use our spiritual dedications, prayers and fasting for our dear South Sudan then automatically God the source of peace agape love, forgiveness and care will create an everlasting peace, prosperity and legacy for our country. Bad or good leadership by who or who need to be given time. God will create away; we have seen miracles in The United States of America, UK etc in the recent trabstional power science. For Godly readers, read Acts 17:26_29.

  • All i know is that Riek is a failure by using his fellow tribesmen as a weapon to fight a fully well furnished government for his self interests.he can not manage his own affairs and can not be under someones’ rule. Isn’t that a grandy greed fighting to rule the people and takes care of resources for his greeds?

  • Mayiel Riak
    June 28, 2017 2:12 pm

    peace is the only way to all these . Built peace to the people and you will be free and can walk without bodyguard.


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