South Sudan President sacks judges over salary dispute

South Sudan’s Kiir. Photo: Reuters/ Jok Solomun

Juba, July 13, 2017 (SSNA) — South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has sacked group of judges and justices who, for months, have been staging protests over delays in the payment of their salaries and demand that their salaries be increased, citing poor living conditions.

The judges also call for Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut to step down, saying they want reform in the judicial system, asserting that South Sudan’s justice system is not independent.

The list of judges and justices who were fired includes Judge Gari Lino, Justice Gari Ramando, Judge Bullen Isaiah, Judge Awuor Mayok, Judge David Oreko, Justice Khalid Mohamed, Judge Thou Andrew Makur, Judge Paulino Dak, Justice Malek Mathiang, Judge George Anger, Judge Maker Thon, Judge George Philip, Judge Nyok Marach, among others.

South Sudan government on Thursday accused the judges of “obstruction of justice,” claiming the judges choose to deliver justice.

“These judges, who were supposed to deliver justice obstructed justice themselves. They denied our people justice for reasons that could be resolved through administrative channels,” South Sudan’s deputy information minister, Akol Kordi, said

Kiir’s decision to fire the judges and justices has been described by one South Sudanese legal analyst as “shameful.”

“This is a shameful decision by the president,” the lawyer who asked for his identity to be shielded for fear of reprisal told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) in Juba Thursday evening.

The cash-strapped South Sudan has not been paying most of its employees on time since the civil war broke out.

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  • Bismark LoWani
    July 14, 2017 12:54 am

    Where is the independence of Judiciary, legislature and executive in Kiir’s democracy? A country where freedom of speech, press and association is a political mirage!! Anyone who thinks South Sudan is democratic and will one time be federal under KIIr must think again. Taban, Gore , Mulla and Gatkuoth are lured into Kiir’s democracy for diplomatic warfare and nothing else. As usual the GUN is the one ruling the country and it is through the GUN that Kiir will run away alive or dead to give space for freedom and justice to take up the country.

  • Appuullii Jaasi
    July 14, 2017 9:35 pm

    Southern Sudanese, I am a Ugandan and my heart goes out for you. Dictator Kiir has sold you out to the Rwandese Tutsi refugee immigrant usurper of Uganda government! What kiir didn’t know was that he was falling victim to the on going Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi fifty year master plan! Museveni Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi clique had infiltrated Indigenous Ugandan guerrilla war campaign against dictatorship of Amin, Obote, Mwanga and Okelo. Museveni Tutsis were didguised as members of different Ugandan tribes! By the time Indigenous Ugandans realized, Museveni had put Paul Kagame (a refugee in Uganda at the time!) as Uganda’s chief of military intelligence! Dictator Museveni had already made plans to have Rwandese/Burundian Tutsis didguised as mostly Banyankole and Bakiga tribesmen, takeover Uganda government while still in the bush! Their plan was to use Indigenous Ugandans as their slave soldiers to conquer the Great Lakes region. Even the African Confidential, an American newsletter, had reported in the late 1990s that there was a plan to build a Tutsi/Hima empire. The same news article stated that majority of Ugandan foreign intelligence was manned by Rwandese Tutsis! The Tutsis used Ugandan Hima and made them feel that they were part of the plan to control the region. However, the Tutsis wanted it all. They wanted to colonize Uganda from within and without by making sure that Rwanda was completely captured. Hence after the defeat of Rwandan army by Tutsi lead UPDF, there was nomore need for Himas or any other Indigenous Ugandans who had fought to defeat dictatorship armies of Amin, Obote and others! Museveni Tutsi clique had hijacked the whole struggle against dictatorship in Uganda!
    My fellow Southern Sudanese brothers and sisters, I apologize to you for the young Indigenous Ugandans who have been sent by the Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi hegemonists to kill you and to be killed by you in selfdefense. The entire Great Lakes region is being terrorised by a small insecure Tutsi minority which has been strategically chosen by White/Jewish racist supremacist neocolonialists in Britain, America, France and Israel, to take over the richest minerals, oil and agribusiness land in the world. Our Black Ancestors didn’t fight against colonialism and racism of Whites/Jews/Arabs to have Whitewashed wannabe White Tutsis recolonize our countries. I am calling upon all the people of the Great Lakes region to Unite in exposing, condemning and defeating the White racist new agenda of using Tutsis to control our countries.


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