South Sudan Ex-MP blasts African Union over conflicts

Hon. Reath Muoch Tang. Photo: Pan African Vision/File

Washington, DC, July 14, 2017 (SSNA) — A South Sudanese Former member of parliament has criticized the African Union (AU) for failing to resolve African conflicts, saying the AU has become an entity where most African leaders promote themselves instead of coming up with solutions for the betterment of the continent.

Reath Muoch Tang, a rebel official and former member of South Sudanese Parliament argued in an interview with the Voice of America’s Washington, DC-based program, Straight Talk Africa, that the AU has failed Africa. The former MP cites current African conflicts including the ongoing civil war in his home country, South Sudan.

“…The African Union was founded based on integrating the continent, working for global economy, prevention wars, resolving conflicts, and keeping the peace and stability in Africa,” Hon. Tang said, asserting, “The whole continent is at war with itself.”

Tang states that conflicts are everywhere in Africa. He refers to wars in South Sudan, Somalia, Central Africa Republic, Congo, Mali, among others. He also states that the AU failed to execute its duties as stipulated in its founding principles and that there will be no peace in Africa without development.

He further revealed in the interview that he is humbled by a speech of Former South African President Thabo Mbeki he watched. He said the Former South African leader told African leaders in his speech that the AU would be better if African leaders correct themselves and prioritize the needs of their nation’s citizens.

The rebel official blasted Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for participating in South Sudan peace process while fighting along Kiir against the South Sudanese rebels. He added that South Sudan is a bankrupted country where Juba-backed military leaders instructed their soldiers to rape women as compensation for their unpaid salaries.

Tang is also a Former SPLM/A-IO Representative to the United States.

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  • (AU) Africa Union and their leader are just goldickging, they looking for their own benefits. This is a culture to all Africa president. South Sudan been sold out. Khartoum government sold south sudan out first than now Slava Kiir sold it out again and Rieck Machar try to get it back but it’s was not that easy.

    • Mrs. Winston Richards
      July 15, 2017 8:08 am

      My brother, as an African like u let preach the truth. Greed destroys the pride of Africa. It’s with shame that a beautiful new nation of Africa destroys itself. Why why and why. Who will they govern if they kill innocent people ? Stupid, ignorant, educated fools and disgrace to the poor people.

    • Mr.Winston Richards
      July 15, 2017 8:16 am

      My brother, as an African like u let preach the truth. Greed destroys the pride of Africa. It’s with shame that a beautiful new nation of Africa destroys itself. Why why and why. Who will they govern if they kill innocent people ? Stupid, ignorant, educated fools and disgrace to the poor people of Africa. I hope and pray that the international court beings all to justice. Shame on those that making our African brothers and sisters to become a beggar just for their selfish gain

    • Alfred Agoth Alphonse
      July 16, 2017 12:09 am

      I don’t get it . when did Riak became a rescuer .

    • Mr. Walter,
      Your comment on here didn’t contribute anything here. How would Riek Machar tried to bring back the country, while his fellows terrorists organizations are ambushing innocent civil populations in all corners of the South Sudan roads? Riek Machar himself is the one who brought this country down. Everything that we do to bring peace and forgiveness among South Sudanese people, Riek Machar find himself as a great ruins of an everything that South Sudan hoping for. Riek Machar is still a problem and will remained dangerous in the long run.

  • You are too patriotic we aknowldge the weakness of the african union let us be vocal to correct their bad national affair in case of south sudan and elsewhere in africa so that we realise peace and stability in africa

  • I agree with the views expressed by the author of this article and propose that president Museveni of Uganda should step aside from the South Sudan conflict if we’re to realize true peace in the country.

  • Mr Reath Muoch Tang should be told that, we should not be blaming other people for our own problems. We know how we can bring peace by ourselves but SPLA IO is the obstacle to all the calls for peace. You want the peace to be in your own terms and timing but things does not work like that brother.
    Secondly, you are interested in outside peace which which is imposed on S. Sudanese on your favor that is the only thing you are looking for. The international community is now tired. You have to make strategic and genuine decision brother for the sake of our country and our suffering people. You refused the called for ceasefire, you refused the call for national dialog and you continue to attack the government positions and laying ambushes along the roads and killing innocent civilians.
    Secondly, your leader does not like to denounce violence he said peace is death in S. Sudan. So who is to be blamed here. You blame yourselves. Outsiders can not imposed peace among ourselves. It is we ourselves to open up our hearts and start to recognize that we are brothers and sisters. People of one country. So to conclude the choice is at your hand, to choose peace or military confrontation because it seems you group only understands military language.

  • Joseph wiya
    July 15, 2017 8:19 am

    Who really to be blamed for this selfishness nature.? Will it be the former colonialism powers who planted that greedness. Or is it deep rooted African culture which won’t be healed.

  • Taban Thomas
    July 15, 2017 12:19 pm

    I agree with Hon.Tang.AU has failed the Continent.
    I am a South Sudanese who is very concerned with what the Jieng Council of Elders have done to the country by supporting directing Salva Kiir in ruining the country.
    Museveni made the situation worse by supporting that regime in Juba just for his personal interest .Otherwise that govt. would have collapsed already.
    It is sad that we as South Sudanese can’t get along despite the fact we endured suffering under the successive regimes of the then Sudan.
    Now that we attained independence,we would have embarked on development of our country instead we embarked on muddering ourselves.
    God help us to see the light of goodness.
    Taban Thomas.

  • I totally disagree with you Taban. AU is trying to bring us together and some of do not want peace. The problem is now with some of the diaspora people. Because they are safe, they are eating well, their children go to school and they are able to rent houses to their relatives or family members in Uganda , Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia, they are not interested in seeing peace to come to our country. They are collecting money to fund the rebellion to continue. Some of them want to see the government overthrown so that, they can get Jobs but they forgot to see that, military solution is not the medicine. So lets blame ourselves. The AU, IGAD, TROIKA and UNHCR are there to support up to bring peace among ourselves but we are not interested, we will pay the price dearly. We are all guilty because of our hate, tribalism and greed for power.

    • Bismark LoWani
      July 16, 2017 12:03 am

      It is extremely sad and shocking to see and read articles of Mr Alex in all fora he participates in. I would assume that he is a mouthpiece of an oppressive government to have ever existed in human history worse than the regimes of Pol Pot of Cambodia, Juvenile Habyarimana of hutu Rwanda, Jean Fidel Bokassa of Central African Republic and Mobutu Sese Seku Kukugbendu wa Zabanga of Zaire. Now the regime he supports has driven thousands of citizens into graves with many more into refuge. It is a regime that presides over economic stagnation, social injustice and lack of freedom of speech, press and association with rampant corruption, tribalism and nepotism. A regime that enjoys being a butcher of the citizens of the country for being outspoken for the wrongs that occur to them. I really do not see why Alex stand is so for this abnormal government. Nothing can be more truthful than thinking Alex doing so as a result of being a beneficiary of ill gotten wealth of this rogue regime of Jenge Council of Elders. Alex must try to sober his mind and know that anything evil deserves to be condemned by any person under the sky. It does not matter whether the person is a member of diaspora community or a citizen living in your hell. A diaspora South Sudanese or the ones living under the hell of Kiir have the right to air their opposition of mismanagement of their country. Secondly Alex must stop being envious for the support other citizens get from their relatives abroad. They deserve the support because your system had destroyed their livelihood on their ancestral land. They did not invite you to come to their homes to destroy. Your evil hearts drove you to do so. So stop talking, writing bullshit if you are true human being.

  • I Personal Agree With What Reath Said AU Is Not Really Concern

  • those guys in parliaments all over africa are old people from old times, late-colonization. they see the world the way their parents saw it. there minds are not tuned to think the new way as of 2017 or the upcomming 2020. there minds are still in the 1960’s. well, africa havent changed that much in the past 60 years in my convicion, as for the views. wealth also havent changed. when you have it you like it, and if you dont, you want it. it pleases man and woman, but not citizens if you plant on having it for yourself. I say 500-600 men and women(parliament) can’t actively change the future of all citizens, but they can change the country for it’s citizens. let there be schools, let there be hospitals, let there be businesses and let there be tax, so the essentials can run automatically. and let freedom travel with the wind to make life less complicated that it allready is. a saying goes, old dogs can’t learn new tricks. i dont know what is going on inside those old mens sculls, but i hope they know better.

  • Luate Mangura
    July 15, 2017 9:50 pm

    we miss the exact point. we minus God always in our programs, does why we fail everytime. Let us look back to the histry of the Isrealite people. Whenever they put God first in everything they do, they succeed. Please let us try to change both physically and spritually.


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