Revitalization of peace under IGAD mandate is a disturbance and will be an endless project

Machar (R), Kiir (L). Photo: Reuters/Getty Images/File

By Gatluak Luk aka Buk

July 27, 2017 (SSNA) — Without Dr. Riek Machar the revitalization would not be possible or a successful choice to end the war. The UK and EU have poured a huge amount of money just to bring this Losey war to an end yet real Africans are silently watching the destruction which is going in the hand’s money seekers East Africans Regional block IGAD tasked to end the war that claimed thousands of lives of innocent children and women. I am really shocked for the long endless suffering of South Sudanese for more than 3 years now.

I really appreciate bold decision taken by donors’ countries to cut off all funds for South Sudan peace processes because you can’t continue losing your own resources in order to rescue the innocent lives while the funds will only be used in a luxurious life, enjoying them in a hotel and privately used.

Same dictatorship last year was about to happen in Gambia if it’s not because West Africans heads of state stood up to save the lives of Gambian people many people would die, Yaya Jammey conceded the defeat when the elections result was announced by electoral board Meanwhile in less than two weeks he rejects the result ready for war in order to remain in power. Congratulations to West Africans countries for managing their problems.

I call on other Africans countries to adapt same character or example shown to them by that part of Africa to make Africa a peaceful environment without great fear of its citizens and foreigners. Let leave behind this shameful leadership and adopt the how the other world has.

Gatluak Luke aka Buk is a South Sudanese nationalist.

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