Rebel Governor blames Juba’s regime for starvation of civilians in Wau

Displaced citizens of Wau. Photo: File

Subject: Blaming the Regime in Juba for Starvation of Civilians in Wau Federal State

Wau, August 7, 2017 (SSNA) — Government of Wau Federal State in Opposition would like to raise its concern and fully blame the government of Republic of South Sudan for using food as a weapon, in order to starve the people of Wau. Since July 28, 2017, many people have been starving specifically in Besselia and in other counties around the state. The regime in Juba has been using several mechanisms to create a hunger among civilians, for instance:

  1. For the last four months, the government agents in Wau has been blocking the distribution of food by NGOs to the Displaced people inside Wau Churclr, Loku loku Church, Nasret Church, and Saint Joseph Church, with aim of starving the civilians inside the churches.
  2. Since April 2017 the regime in Juba has been forbidding NGOs from distributing food items to civilians in Bagari, Besselia, Kpaile, Kawajina, and Udici Counties.
  3. Sending a battalion of government troops, each to Bagari, Besselia, Kpaile, Kawajina, and Udici Counties. In which they are been destabilising farmers and destroying their agriculture crops, looting properties, and burning civilian houses.

We, the government of Wau Federal State in opposition, would like to call on the NGOs to put a maximum pressure on the regime in Juba, in order to rescue the starving innocent civilians in and around Wau city.

Hon. Dominic Ukelo, Governor of Wau Federal State in IO

E-mail: [email protected]

Tell: 008821655537215

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