SPLA-IO Spokesman says Juba’s kidnapping activities amount to “terrorism”


SPLA-IO Spokesman William Gatjiath Deng. Photo: File

Pagak/Kampala, August 21, 2017 (SSNA) — The Spokesperson for the South Sudan armed opposition, SPLA-IO, said in a statement that the failed abduction of their Deputy Spokesman Col. Paul Gabriel Lam in Uganda fits the definition terrorist activities.

Paul Gabriel was abducted last Friday by armed Ugandan men and a woman who repeatedly asked him why he talks too much in the media. The abductors also told him to shut up or else. The kidnappers then attempted to smuggle Col. Paul to Juba, but Ugandan police were notified and quickly rescued the rebel official.

In a strongly worded statement, Brig. General William Gatjiath Deng, the Spokesperson for SPLA-IO, blasted South Sudanese government over the abduction, saying the kidnapping was a coordinated by South Sudan’s embassy in Kampala and agents of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

“On Friday, August 18, 2017, the South Sudan embassy in Uganda and the agents of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) regime in Juba abducted Col. Paul Gabriel Lam Oyihi, our SPLA (IO) Deputy Military Spokesperson, in Kampala, Uganda,” Gatjiath said, adding, “Upon learning the abduction, the Ugandan police and security agencies quickly intervened and successfully rescued Col. Paul Gabriel Lam Oyihi from being smuggled illegally to Juba without the knowledge of the Ugandan authorities.”

Gatjiath said Juba’s regime resorts to kidnapping rebel officials and said the armed opposition condemns such a practice.

“This time, the same Juba regime is targeting political opponents and the abduction and kidnapping of Col. Paul Gabriel Lam Oyihi has revealed a lot more than meet the eye. This is terrorism by the true meaning of the word and we in the SPLM-SPLA (IO) condemn it very strongly,” he explained.

Riek Machar’s press secretary James Gatdet Dak was kidnapped in Nairobi in November 2016. South Sudan government agents with help from some Kenyan police and officials also abducted Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri early this year.

Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath thanks the Ugandan police and security agencies for protecting South Sudanese who seek UN protection after they were driven out of their homes by what he described as “JCE-led regime.” He calls on the Ugandan government to protect its good refugees’ policy.

Gatjiath also alleged in the statement that Juba’s agents previously attempted to commit atrocities by poisoning water tanks used by non-Dinka refugees in a Ugandan camp.

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  • the regime of killer and looter has no place in this twenty first century

  • You have no right to spoil our people through begging. Make peace instead of crying, but you are still follow him and now most of you have no future.

  • no place for killer regime

  • Tut Chuol Guor
    August 21, 2017 3:07 pm

    A very cowardice act of them(failed JCE) and Falata Taban Nyekek.

  • Appuullii Jaasi
    August 21, 2017 6:34 pm

    I would like to warn the SPLA-IO spokesman Deng not to trust the genocidal Wannabe White/Jewish Rwandese and Burundian Tutsi refugee immigrant usurper dictatorship of Uganda government. The Rwandese Tutsi refugee immigrant dictator Museveni has ability to convince many of his soon to be victims! He did it to many Indigenous Ugandans who supported him in his fake war of liberation from dictatorship, General Kazini, Brigadier Mayombo, Dr. Kayira and many others have been mysteriously killed! The only people alive from Museveni Tutsi lead fake guerrilla war of liberation in Uganda are his Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi refugee immigrant close associates of Besigye, Mbabazi, Mugisha Muntu, Sejjusa, Biraro, Kutesa and a few others disguised as leaders of opposition political parties with whom he continues to deceive and gather information about prominent Indigenous Ugandan opposition who would be his real oponents! Dictator Museveni convinced the Congolese General Lauret Kabila to invade Congo and get rid of Mobutu dictatorship while Museveni and his former chief of Uganda military intelligence another Tutsi Kagame, planned to have Lauret Kabila Sr. replaced by his Tutsi stepson through a marriege of convinience to a Tutsi woman! It was exposed by Dr. Rudazingwa a former Tutsi Rwandese ambassador to the UN that Lauret Kabila Sr. was assassinated by Museveni’s ieutenant Kagame, working with Joseph Kabila the Tutsi stepson who is president of Congo today!! I would like to ask the SPLA spokesman General Deng if he remembers a certain S. Sudanese general who was opposed to kirr, went to meet with dictator Museveni and was later said to have been killed in a firefight at the border?! We also have been informed that dictator Museveni arranged for the death of His excellency Late John Garang!! Museveni Kagame and Kabila who are both Tutsis are working under the Tutsi fifty year master plan to takeovet the entire Great Lakes region using Uganda as their base! It is hard to believe but information is available about the Tutsi Fifty Year Master Plan! The Tutsis have been financed, trained and protected from prosecution for crimes against humanity by Britain America and Israel even after participating and causing genocides of more than one million in Rwanda, two million Indigenous Ugandans, six million Congolese and now in S. Sudan! It is a disgrace that Western countries continue to receive, honor and welcome dictators Museveni, Kagame and Kabila in their capitals of London Washington Tel Aviv and Paris!! These Rwandese/Burundian Tutsi refugee immigrants from Uganda and their puppet masters who have supported and continue to train and finance them in the genocides of Ugandans and Congolese should be brought to International courts for crimes against humanity. We know that White/Jewish racist supremacist neocolonial imperialists are protecting and arming the Tutsi minority in exchange for the control of the richest mineral and agriland resouces in the world. It is important that we are truthful to our Creator Almighty, our Ancestors, our present and future generations that the goal of Britain America and Israel is to take ovet our rich countries using Belgian Whitewashed wannabe White/Jewish Black selhating Tutsis. It will not help us to be cowards about exposing the White/Jewish racist supremacist agenda in carhoots with the evil Tutsi refugee immigrant, Tutsi fifty year mastet plan. We have to identify and fight the new form of invasion of African countries from within by White racist neocolonialist imperialists. Let us expose, analyse and fight it in a similar manner that our Ancestors fought the foreign White colonialist who was easir to identify.

  • michael nyuon nyuon
    August 21, 2017 9:47 pm

    Donot crying of juba regime for Gatjiath was knapping by Ugandan police is not true,let us wait really message from Machar response.
    Second regime juba has already fail to proceeding’s aheads now please let our highly partipation move ahead don’t be cowardice with remorse.
    Continue do highly process peaceful reconsilation in our country.
    Thank God protect the life south Sudanese servant in to other countries


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