Leaked document: East African leaders are playing ‘a dangerous game’ with South Sudanese lives

Yoweri Museveni (right) and Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo: thelondoneveningpost.com/Getty Images/File

Addis Ababa, April 28, 2018 — The Intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) is not a credible body to bring about peace in South Sudan, a document leaked to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has shown.

A senior IGAD official who leaked the document told the SSNA said the East African bloc will not deliver peace to the people of South Sudan, saying “anyone who trusts IGAD should wake up.” In the text, the official explained how IGAD behalf publicly and secretly. He pointed out that the bloc is wrestling with “legitimacy crisis” due to increased pressure from non-IGAD members.

“We [IGAD leaders] are basically doing nothing for the people of South Sudan. What we have is just coming together and talk about the same thing repeatedly without any conclusion,” the source explained.

“This is a dangerous game,” he added.

The official disclosed how certain members wage a misleading campaign by fooling other IGAD members and the international community.

“There is a feeling of sadness with some members because Uganda and Kenya are not cooperating. These countries cooperate in public and do other things in private,” the source added.

Most South Sudanese believe that IGAD is not working for peace and prefer a different entity to take over.

“The so-called IGAD is filled with money -lovers who prefer to receive blood money over peace,” Nhial Jock Khan, a South Sudanese political analyst told the South Sudan News Agency in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Nhial described IGAD as a project run by Uganda.

“People are wondering why this Uganda-run organization is leading the peace process,” he complained.

South Sudan’s troops have this week intensified fighting in Motot, Akobo, leer, Mirynyal, Nhialdiew, Rupchay, and Thanker.

Locals told the SSNA that government forces are killing civilians, raping women and girls, and burning houses in areas in and around Leer county.

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  • What do we people as we do not have power.

  • Untill President Salva starts to think as president of all South Sudanese and Stop being managed remotely by three Ks , kaguta, kenyatta and Kagame our problems will never end. President should dislodge some of the groupings who are using him as a political condoms to fulfill their agendas to corrupt public funds and be protected. The president and some government officials should change language while addressing rallies to be pro people.
    The president should start developmental projects such as construction of electricity dam, revetalisation of Awiel rich scheme, construction of roads , building army hospitals, schools for army children, the army should have their own farmspecial, same as other organised forces. No importation of food from Eastern African countries. Let us not import electricity from Uganda at all. There are some useless bilateral agreement signed for such be put on hold. The Ks are aware that should we have own electricity, will attract potential investors in the fields of mining such as cement, gold diamond etc, and production of essential goods, they will loose the markets.
    Encourage the private sectors, private schools, universities which will take most of occupied the youths , no more unnecessary formation of unproductive group’s. He should set aside funds for R&D. such funds be used by universities other tertiary institutions .
    improve on our health Facilities with better and modern Equipment’s. This may avoid our leaders be flown away to get treatment but because IGAD started behaving strange, no doubt they can instruct their medical professionals to kill our leaders. Therefore, let us develop our facilities so that we are not taken up by suprise.
    Our Economy is doing badly because the people In authority and power are not sure if they belong here,or they are on transit.Most of their homes are controlled by the Ks and worried that their investments too will be affected if they show resistant to the Ks.
    Let us screen all those coming to invest in our country thoroughly. Certain lines of business be strictly be the citizens only .
    All those above need redesigning of policies locally not cut and paste in which most does not favour us.

  • Today the truth has been revealed, now it is up to the south Sudanese opposition forces to decide

  • Uganda,is not going to escape,the current suffering of the south Sudanese people. Time to pay back is soon

  • The marriage between Salva Kiir, Yoweri Museveni and Uhuru Kenyatta rekindles us to the era of Nazism. Their scale of murdering people has reached very alarming levels and it is ripe to raise the red flag in order to stop their callous and onerous killings in South Sudan.

    Only an integrated military solution alike the one that toppled Slebodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia and Charles Taylor of Liberia is the one needed to pacify peace in the new nation. All these peace talks are a waste of time

  • Magok Manyuat
    April 29, 2018 8:31 am

    Good message

  • I Think it is good if southsudan leadership is though a lesson as american did to iraq and libya,ssudan will come back to peace


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