Defending a corrupt politician is like defending a Devil against Almighty God. A response to Mathiang Jalap’s article on Dr Chol Deng Thon

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By Deng Akok Muoradid

October 27, 2018 (SSNA) — We live in a country where our young ladies who have recently attained the age of puberty cannot afford sanitary pads but our men and women in public offices have iPods which they do not even know how to use” Patrice Lumumba.

In his response to my article entitled “Is corruption promotion an objective of Nilepet”, a famous sycophant Mr. Mathiang Jalap responded by unprofessionally and abusively describing me as a stomach writer, an angry beggar and a job seeker in Nilepet.

Dear readers, it has come to public attention that Mr. Mathiang Jalap is being bribed by the managing director of Nilepet Cde Chol Deng to defend him from the truth tellers as well as the victims of the deadly ongoing corruption in Nilepet.

Mr. Mathiang Jalap misled the victims of the ongoing corruption in Nilepet by claiming that Dr. Chol Deng Thon has banned black market, suspended financial assistance to the individuals, laid the foundation for the construction of Nilepet office and many other misleading ideas which an illiterate citizen cannot believe leave alone media intellectuals. In actual sense, Mr. Mathiang Jalapa was trying to prevent the truth about Cde Chol’s illicit activities from reaching the ears of our president without knowing that the truth cannot be completely covered. You cannot deceive a snake bite victim that it was a cat which bites him or her. Mr. Mathiang Jalap is a pure opportunist who may defend a Satan against Almighty God if given money. Dr. Chol Deng Thon has done nothing with exception of the establishment of a criminal network in Nilepet. The mythology of saying that Chol Deng has stopped and suspended giving of a financial assistant as well as fuel to the individuals is totally misleading. He diverted the financial assistance and fuel meant for the public to his relatives, friends and his media defenders including Mathiang Jalap. If he has suspended giving of financial assistance and fuel to the individuals. Where is Mathiang jalap getting the hard currency and fuel which he is currently selling on the streets of Juba?

Mr. Mathiang jalap in his defense article also claimed that Dr. Chol Deng has completely eradicated nepotism and tribalism. He further went on by saying that there are currently over 140 applications which are being submitted when Nilepet has not even invited applications.

Imagine, how this great liar and sycophant is blindfolding the public. Those 140 applications were sorted out and rejected by the Nilepet administration because the applicants are not friends and relatives to Dr. Chol Deng, national ministers, and other senior dignitaries.

Mr. Mathiang jalap in his defense article also unprofessionally described me as a stomach writer, an angry beggar and job seeker in the Nilepet. Between me and him, who writes with the expectation of getting food? He is a visionless writer whose articles are based on praising the corrupt individuals. He aims at developing his own stomach while forgetting his suffering citizens whose resources are being looted by the individuals whom he always defends.

If Mathiang Jalap is not a beggar, he would have not let himself to be bribed with his own money. He does not know that he is being bribed with the corrupted money to which he has a share. So, he should not insult me with those abusive words because I am a freedom fighter who fought in the liberation struggle. I am currently fighting for a “free corruption South Sudan.”

The writer is a South Sudanese Human Right Activist. He can be reached through his email: [email protected].

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