South Sudanese girls in Kakuma refugee camp want better education

Jessica Deng in her class. Photo: The Hechinger Report

Nairobi, January 7, 2019 (SSNA) — South Sudanese young girls in UN-run Kakuma camp want better education so that they can improve their lives and have better jobs after graduation, a news report says.

The news article, published by The Hechinger Report, says South Sudanese girls in Kakuma want education and that the refugee life limits their educational goals.

Jessica Deng, a teacher who teaches the young girls notices that education has become a part of success in life and that South Sudanese young people, especially girls should be given proper education, describing her students as “untapped resources.”

“My students, myself, every other girl or woman that is in the camp, if all of us were given the opportunity [to get] quality educations somewhere else, we would lead better lives,” Deng says, adding, “We would go back to our homelands and change some things.”

Deng told the newspaper that she wants to study at a University abroad and hopes she will get have that opportunity in the near future.

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