Israeli Prime Minister makes a secret fly over South Sudan

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Shutterstock/

Juba, January 20, 2019 (SSNA) — The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu went to Chad and flew over South Sudan from Chad to Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Israeli media states that South Sudan is a friendly nation to Israel and that the two nations enjoy a friendly atmosphere. They, however, did not explain why PM Netanyahu would fly over a sovereign nation without informing the leader of that nation.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) was told by a senior government official hours after the Israeli media exposed the news that Salva Kiir’s government is a friend of Prime Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and that “whatever happens, happens.”

“There is no question Kiir and the Israeli leader are true friends. Yes, we were stunned hours after seeing reports from the media but whatever happens, happens,” he declared, adding, “I cannot believe this really happened.”

The official also admits to the SSNA that South Sudan air space is controlled by Sudan, suggests that Juba asks Khartoum “to let go the past” and hand over full control of “our skies to us.”

The SSNA understands that most South Sudanese love the state of Israel and prefer to have a strong relationship with the Jewish State.

However, the ongoing civil war, which broke out in December 2013, has erased this trust, leaving Israel with limited choices.

Israel was accused on numerous accusations by the United Nations of selling deadly weapons, ammunition, and sophisticated electronic listening devices to Kiir’s government, prompting those who opposed Juba’s regime to question the Netanyahu’s policy towards the war-ravaged young nation.

Most of the armed opposition groups opposing to Kiir’s government believes the Jewish State aided Juba on its war to monitor, arrest, torture, and sometimes killed because of military equipment the Israeli government sold to South Sudanese government. The SSNA cannot independently verify these claims.

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