South Sudan’s aid worker nominated for prestigious award

Christine Ngbaazande. Photo: The World Vision

Juba, February 15, 2019 (SSNA) — A South Sudanese humanitarian worker working for the World Vision Christine Ngbaazande has been selected for a prestigious award by the London-based Bond company, according to a document the World Vision extended to the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA).

Christine Ngbaazande from Yambio has been shortlisted to win a coveted humanitarian honor in London, United Kingdom. The World Vision praises Christine for her work, saying her humanitarian views and activism are the cornerstone of what drives her in her work.

“Christine has and will continue to make a lasting impact on her community in Yambio, South Sudan – through her work directly to change attitudes and help communities accept those who have experienced horrific human rights violations, but also as a role model to her community,” World’s Vision Erica Hall says.

Bond’s Director of Communications, Mike Wright, explains that those who get selected to receive the award are hard-working people who most of the times go unnoticed.

“Each year we are delighted and humbled by the nominations we receive in this category. It is a great reflection of the hard work that goes on, often behind the scenes, by so many dedicated and innovative people. It is a genuine pleasure to be honoring such a diverse range of humanitarians and shining a light on these inspirational individuals and the incredible work they are doing,” Wright explains.

Christine began working in 2016 to break stigma experienced by survivors of sexual violence and children born of rape in Yambio. Training faith leaders, women’s groups and youth leaders to become local advocates for social acceptance, openness and encouragement.  Christine trained more than 50 local advocates, who together were able to change attitudes and behaviours, increasing social acceptance of survivors of sexual violence, according to the World Vision.

Bond is the leading UK membership body for organisations working in international development and has 470 members including Oxfam, Save The Children, UNICEF UK, among others.

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